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Patrimoni Gastronomic - world food exhibition

Unique gastronomic experiences in Ibiza Town.

Every day from 17 Jan 2020 until 31 Mär 2020
Ab: 13:00

Wo: Ibiza-Stadt (Eivissa)

In the ninth annual Patrimoní Gastronomic food event, try dishes from places awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, which includes Ibiza (four sites) Mexico and Vietnam.

Eleven participating Ibiza Town restaurants will be offering themed three-course set menus to help warm up winter. Get a starter, main course and dessert for just €20 (drinks not included).

All participating restaurants are to be found on the Patrimoni Gastronomi website, with dish details, the World Heritage site represented and the days the set menus are available (in Spanish and Catalan).

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