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Review: Eco adventures with La Bella Verde

Sail green, clean and silent


Each summer Ibiza becomes a sailor's paradise with lots of little and not so little boats bobbing slightly from side to side at the mouth of many a cove and beach - it's one of the emblems of summer in Ibiza. Most of us won't have a private boat and won't know the experience of sailing. You can though buy a slice of it and this is where La Bella Verde comes in with one of the most serene sailing experiences around - on board one of its eco-catamarans.

The company like its very first eco-catamaran is named La Bella Verde, or “beautiful green”, a signal of what the founders Charlie, Alastair and Maarten envisaged: to create a super-cool charter service that would have minimal impact on the pristine waters that surround the island. Since launching three years ago, there are now three boats, two of them taking up to 10 people and a smaller one taking up to five.

Powered by the wind

These eco-intentions are to be applauded. Currently La Bella Verde offers the only 100% eco-boats in the Mediterranean, all relying on wind power to take you to your destination. There are on-board engines to get the catamarans in and out of the harbour (required by law) and these are solar powered. Yes, this will still be the greenest trip out to sea that you can take on Ibiza.

The company offers daily trips to Formentera on its craft with a great crew to skipper you along the waves. The trips are usually around eight hours long and you will want that time to take in the surrounding beauty of the open seas between the two islands. Once out on the open seas is when the sails come out and from then on for the majority of the trip, this is how you will be moving along. This really is about proper sailing, as it used to be.

We arrived in the morning ready for our green adventure of island discovery and were rowed by dinghy (pure manpower) to our catamarans, La Bella Verde and Dragonfly. We got in our boats where the crew explained to us our day and most importantly, our route and where we would be stopping. Then, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience you are about to have.

All together now

What you have is a majestic and silent charter taking in magnificent Mediterranean vistas as you glide. You will get to sit back and take in the beauty of the passing scenery with the big blue sky and the shining sun kissing you from above. There are drinks on board and an excellent sound system too, so you let the crew do all the heavy lifting as you sip a cold glass of bubbly. What more could you want?

Our first stop was the small, uninhabited island of S'Espalmador, at the northern tip of Formentera, famous for its sparklingly clean beaches and waters. We anchored the catamarans side-by-side and waded to shore to a pretty white-sanded beach. The guys brought us over our lunch, starting with big slices of fresh watermelon to open the appetite. The lunches all use fine and fresh ingredients and are prepared in front of you by the crew. We had a fresh superfood salad, some roast chicken and more drinks from the onboard store. Then we had a bit of a snorkel (ask for equipment as the boats have these) and a swim before we got back on board, heading out for our next destination.

Amazing day afterglow

Cap d'es Falco was the final stop where we got to swim with the dramatic cliff face of this point as our backdrop. There can be no finer way to enjoy the island out at sea than this amazing island vista. Even knowing this was our last stop couldn't diminish the joyous feeling we had after one amazing day out.

We arrived back at Las Salinas beach, invigorated by our trip and ready to do it all again. It's a feeling you'll all get after a day out on one of La Bella Verde's green catamarans. We're sure you'll love your journey as much as we did - now it's your turn to try what is a magical and truly original Ibiza sailing experience.

A nice video

La Bella Verde from Ibiza Spotlight on Vimeo.

La Bella Verde from Ibiza Spotlight on Vimeo.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOS & VIDEO | Peter Young

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