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Why you should apply for the Ibiza Spotlight internship

The reasons why working with us can lead to the best summer ever.

The Ibiza Spotlight internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The chance to work and live on the White Isle during the summer is one that is coveted by many.

Working with us encompasses heady days of club attending, island excursions and dance music industry shoulder rubbing. The previous year's interns Kane, Holly and Peter know first-hand how rewarding the Team Spotlight life is.

Here are a few reasons why you should apply right now for the Ibiza Spotlight internship.

“There's every kind of music on any given day on Ibiza. Seek and you will find.” - Kane

The world's top DJs play on Ibiza within some of the most incredible clubbing spaces on the planet. Parties come in a board range of styles and multitude of genres, taking place every night of the week.

One of the main elements of the internship is to attend these clubs and write about them - how wicked is that. As Kane said, “If you love music before coming to Ibiza, you will be obsessed with it when you leave.”

Kane now works as a freelance writer for Mixmag UK.

“There are so many wonderful perks that come with the job as well as exciting surprises along the way” - Holly

Various companies we work with offer a huge number of activities for people to enjoy during an Ibiza visitor's holiday.

Another part of your job will be to go and try out these excursions and experiences, both on land and sea, and then - you guessed it - pen down a top piece about it all. Holly put it like this; “the list of adventures is endless.”

Holly is currently working and saving for her next travelling adventure.

“There is something to be said about being around those who have such a burning fire inside of them” - Peter

During the summer you will be surrounded by people whose passions will inspire you to reach for more in life. These colleagues and peers for the summer will provide knowledge from their years of experience, vital for your progression within the industry.

Peter said this about working here: “Meet as many people as you can and take advantage of every opportunity that arises”

Peter now works for Ultra Music in Miami and returns to Ibiza during the summer for the Resistance party season.

If all of this takes your fancy, then head here to our application page to apply for the internship today. All that's left to say is good luck to all you hopefuls and we look forward to hearing from you talented applicants.

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