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An emotional farewell at Ushuaïa's closing party

No goodbyes.

Whilst October - and closing parties in general - always guarantee great atmospheres and unforgettable moments on the dance floor, sadly, that isn't always reflected in the weather.

Thankfully, early October 2019 has bucked that trend by delivering an incredible streak of sunny weather with temperatures in the high 20 degree celsius. What better combination could there be, than this late flurry of peak season weather and Ushuaïa's outdoor closing party.

After a long season, we could be forgiven for a lacklustre approach to the final furlong. Under any normal circumstances, a hectic week of parties and limited recovery time could take its toll. But this is closing party season. This is Ushuaïa closing. It just had to be done.

Make hay while the sun shines.

On the idyllic Saturday 5 October, we ventured to Playa d'en Bossa to say farewell to the glitzy clubbing hotel in typically decadent fashion.

Early bird catches the worm

WORDS | by Michael Tomlinson

Blessed with glorious summer rays, upon entering Ushuaïa in the mid-afternoon I could see the main stage was filling up early. An international blend of clubbers underlined the palatial open-aired venue's global appeal.

One act that stone brightly in those early hours was Agoria.

The French electronic DJ was treating the crowd to his signature style - drifting between genres like electro pop and thudding techno with ease. The tone and pace of his set matched the vibe of the day.

At the beginning of the season, Paul Kalkbrenner played a memorable set at the venue's opening. Though he still rocked the best of a bad situation, stormy weather then put a dampener on the occasion.

Fortunately, the weather on his return was the complete opposite - a marvellous way to round off summer.

Fans of Kalkbrenner exchanged looks, indicating they felt the same sense of elation. His progressive style of electronica has an addictive quality that has you hooked from the first beat.

Anthemic favourites like Sky and Sand, Feed Your Head and Aaron had us cheering for more during the twilight moments. However, it was his remix of Te Quiero paired with a fiery pyrotechnic eruption that drew the biggest reaction from the crowd.

Halfway Crew

WORDS | by Hannah Starkie

Never underestimate Ushuaïa or the Night League's ability to put on a show.

Despite thinking I'd seen it all before, I was blown away by the production at the closing party. The music was on point, the special effects dazzling and I'm even tempted to say it was the best crowd I've experienced all summer. A pleasure from start to finish.

Soon after I arrived, firm Ushuaïa favourite Andrea Oliva had taken his rightful place in the booth. I was instantly thankful I'd dragged myself down early. The grin on Andrea's face told us he was in a playful mood.

Before long, The Black Madonna took over. Having not had the pleasure of seeing her play previously, I was left searching for the reason as to why by the end of her set. Like a heaven-sent prophet, she rose to the occasion bringing fire and passion to her impactful showing.

Gracing us with a more house-centric style than what had proceeded, Marea shook me with her track selection. Every now and then, her set was laced with the occasional slice of thumping techno.

Now I was hooked. Not only my highlight of the day, but perhaps the summer too. Certain the Midwest star is a risk taker, I'm a brand new member of her fan club. I'll definitely be studying her tour schedule in a post-Ibiza reality. A true patron saint of underground dance music.

Beginning of the end

WORDS | by Jo Dargie

Always a pleasure and never a chore, I was buzzing to see NYC's dynamic disc jockey duo The Martinez Brothers in the grand setting of Ushuaïa. Though not complete strangers, the poolside paradise was going sure to test their versatility as artists outside their comfort zone.

Chris and Stevie Jr. set a steady pace from the off, welcoming us into their inner city playground. A place where tech house rules and urban funk obeys.

Tune after tune, the siblings were not prepared to give our dancing bodies a break - and why would we want them to? Naturally, their own big summer anthem found its way into the mix, sending the crowd into a hysteria of shape-cutting, amplified by the shower of confetti.

Whilst elated to see our evening headliner Joseph Capriati take to the stage, the impending separation from Ushuaïa loomed on the horizon. But it wasn't time for tears just yet.

Having crossed paths with Joseph Capriati a couple of times this season, one thing I have picked up on is his unpredictable method of selecting tracks.

Delivering a broad spectrum of tech house, he turned the groove up another notch throwing in some seriously funky vocals from bygone decades.

Ever the tease, he eventually gave us a full spin of Jason Nevins' It's Like That remix. A timeless track, the crowd loved chanting along to whilst bouncing on every beat.

With only minutes to go, Capriati unleashed Inner City's Good Life to play out Ushuaïa 2019. Though an inspired choice of closing track, what really stood out in those final moments was the electric atmosphere.

Music lovers from all over the world congregated to celebrate a fantastic summer of partying. An almost biblical image of thousands of hands in the air being showered with golden ticker tape will be imprinted on my mind forever.

At midnight, we were reluctantly turfed out of the venue for the final time this summer. In all that drama, we could be forgiven for shedding an emotional tear. A tear of joy, for sure. But also tinged with the realisation that another season has drawn to an end.

Like the promotional artwork said: no goodbyes. Only farewell for now.

After a much needed rest over the winter, you can bet we're going to be counting down the days until the 2020 Ushuaïa opening party. This is very much a case of “see you later.

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