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Amnesia Closing.............Best Clubbing EVER!!

Words fail me, superlatives melt in attempting to begin to start (to even think about attempting to begin to start) describing how good this is. Stupidly good, the most fun you can have in a club........

It's always been the stuff legends are made of but the terrace remodel at Amnesia, coupled with the restrictive opening hours during the regular season, mean this party has become even more special. This year it was Luciano and Richie Hawtin headlining.

No amount of pictures, videos, comments or analysis could begin to describe how special the atmosphere is at Amnesia Closing, especially once the sun rises and the light floods onto the Terrace and the party really begins.

So on that basis, we're gonna leave it at that, the party doesn't need any extra hype and we feel it is our duty to guard this jewel of clubbing in Ibiza.

We will offer one small tip though. If you go, remember the party continues into the afternoon until 3 or 4pm. See you next year Sunday AM 3rd October!