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Underworld headline Cocoon Anniversary Event

Legendary dance music live act Underworld are set to smash Amnesia on Friday August 28th as part of Cocoon's 10 years In Ibiza celebrations.

Underworld doing a live show in Ibiza! BANG!! The event will take place on Friday August 28th at Amnesia in what is being billed as a 'Day + Night' event, marking Cocoon's 10th anniversary of Ibiza gigs.

We've known about this for a while, check out our teaser here back in April. (Well done to nostrum for guessing correctly!) However, Cocoon are now openly publicising this, so I guess there is no point keeping secrets and it also means I can't get in trouble with my source!

Obviously Sven will be there himself but the Underworld appearance builds upon a pair of sensational performances, alongside the 'Uncle of Techno', at Cocoon in Frankfurt. Easily the best thing ever to come out of Romford, Underworld have been delivering underground electronic music for 20 years, reaching a peak during the 1990s when Born Slippy became forever a youth anthem.

But it was other tracks from Karl Hyde, Rick Smith and Darren Emerson during the 90s, such as Rez, Cowgirl and Dark and Long, that had already established them as innovative producers with a genre-busting sound.

Since Darren Emerson left, Underworld have usually saved their performances for the festival circuit, but this marks a first return to Ibiza since the MTV Ibiza 2000 event nearly a decade ago. Watch here:

We're still not entirely sure how it will exactly work on the day, in other words, should we expect the show on the terrace or in the car park! Whatever, you can guarantee that there will be a Cocoon roadblock par excellence.

Join the debate in the forums and tell us your classic Cocoon or Underworld memories.

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