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Fiestas in Jesus

Plenty of activities and entertainment.

Every day from 24 Aug 2019 until 23 Sep 2019
Ab: 10:00

Wo: Jesús, Ibiza

The big day is the 8th of September, when the Church in Jesus holds the annual Patron Saint of Jesus Fiesta. The beautiful Church of Nostra Mare De Jesus comes alive with a full day of festivities starting with a mass, followed by a parade with cornets and drums in the church square, traditional horse and carts, country dancing, offerings of fruits to the Virgin of Jesús, live music and a street party.

Our highlights of the programme are:

1 Sept - 22:00 Live concert by Pin-up Sound (swing, rock'n'roll)
3 Sept - 22:00 Village feast with "arrós de matances" (very typical Ibizan dish, with rice and pork)
4 Sept - 18:30 Foam party with Cachirulo clown and friends (especially for children)
7 Sept - 23:00 Madonna tribute band (including prizes for the best Madonna costume)
8 Sept - the big day
14 Sept - 20:00 Moolight walk (prior registration required).

Download the full programme and all the info about the fiestas in Jesus here.

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