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Tracks that owned Labyrinth opening 2018

Here are some of the best tunes from A Labyrinth Story opening.

On an action-packed Friday that consisted of myriad events, it could have been easy to bypass A Labyrinth Story 2018 opening party. Don't follow the crowds, follow the music. That's what we did.

Last year saw Daley Padley, known to most as Hot Since 82, bring his concept of A Labyrinth Story to the Mecca of electronic music on Ibiza. After a terrific first season, which saw Pacha packed weekly, the British born tech-house titan returned for round two.

The distinctive Labyrinth vibe permeated Pacha's freshly renovated dance floor as soon as you step through the door. High energy, high BPM, rolling basslines that interchange between tech house and minimal curated the distinguished Labyrinth feel.

The relocated quintessential DJ booth takes centre stage in the middle of the dance floor. The magpies below were transfixed towards Pacha's new, shiny, glistening cockpit.

For the opening, the line-up boasted Butch, Matthias Tanzmann, La Fleur and of course Labrinth leader, Hot Since 82 - not a night to be missed.

Here is a flavour of what went down...

iO (Mulen) | Flute

Dessert is usually saved for last but what a treat we were served upon entry. Butch had the dance floor moving from the outset.

Mikie Format | Satillite State

Acidic vibes submersed the dance floor, and Butch had the Pacha faithful in the palm of his hand.

Axel Boman | Brass Fanatic

I would not want to follow Butch. He had the whole room transfixed on every element of his set, as vocals masqueraded the room. All the elements of a notorious Ibiza opening party were there.

Nail | Optimus

Labyrinth head honcho Hot Since 82 entered centre stage showcasing that he is hot since week 1. This track has the dance floor MOVING!

Kinnerman - Purple Haze

For a minute, the room went tranquil, the ambience simmered... it built, then buit some more 1,2,3,4 - Purple Haze transfixed the dance floor.

Dosem & Supernova - The Good Way

The interchange from acid vibes to minimal was as immaculate as the moves grooving in the melting pot with another notable track.

Matthias Tanzmann - Concrete

The most notable track from Matthias Tanzmann's set was his self-produced Concrete being dropped in public for the first time. Take note - this is certain to be a permanent fixture on dance floors all over through the summer

Richy Ahmed - Can't stop us

The track of an action-packed night has to go to Richy Ahmed's Can't Stop Us. Tannzmann shifts the club from 5th to a rarely found 6th gear - a memorable Ibiza moment.

If you missed the opening, all good. You have plenty more opportunities. See the calendar below to find your favourite night.

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