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Faithless support Choose Love with vinyl raffle

A nomination challenge for a worthy cause.

After releasing comeback album All Blessed in October followed by a slew of remixes, Faithless now turn their attention to charity. A new nomination challenge, started by the band's Sister Bliss, sees producers sign copies of their vinyl, adding them to a lot in an exponential chain.

The end haul will be a highly sought after collection of signed records, which one lucky member of the public will win in raffle.

Proceeds from the initiative will be donated to Choose Love/Help Refugees and used to provide clothing, blankets and medical supplies to displaced and vulnerable communities this winter.

Sister Bliss got the ball rolling by signing an exclusive copy of Insomnia's 25 year anniversary remixes.

Since then, the likes of Above & Beyond, Shadow Child and Fat Tony have contributed to #PlayItForward, along with artists from outside electronic music.

Sister Bliss says: “I really hope through the sharing of music, we can raise a significant amount to help vulnerable people living in the most difficult conditions imaginable - please choose love.”

To be entered into the draw, head here to purchase entry at only £5.

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