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Pikes on Sundays brings the Balearic vibes

The We Love creators can't resist another Sunday session...

While the rest of us scrabbled about, banging into each other like headless chickens trying to find a decent party to fill the gaping We Love... Sundays hole in our rave-hearts, the We Love creators Mark and Sarah Broadbent and their partner Andrew Livesey (Big L), were hatching a plan. Turning their eye on a venue which embodies the traditional Ibiza spirit of hedonism, diversity and eccentricity, 'Pikes on Sundays' was born at Ibiza Rocks House.

It's the perfect venue to host the trio's poolside sessions, which will explore the full range of tunes within the Balearic umbrella, which is another way of saying absolutely anything goes. All those weird, wonderful, funky and freaky barbeque, house party and after party tunes have a place at Pikes on Sundays. It's an earlier affair, starting around the pool at 2pm and carrying on in Freddie's Suite and the Potting Shed after dark until 2am. The twelve-hour Sunday session is sure to go through many different guises, with a chilled vibe in the afternoon to accompany the Sunday Roast diners, getting increasingly rowdy after dark as it moves deeper into the wicked warren that is Pikes Hotel.

We're stoked the Broadbents and Big L are throwing parties together again, and when their expertise, sense of humour and endlessly eclectic record collection are combined with the luxury, eccentricity and beauty of Pikes in its revived state as Andy and Dawn's Ibiza Rocks House, funtimes are guaranteed. Here's what the powers that be had to say about their new Sunday venture...

“Sarah and I got married at Pikes so it will always be special to us, but our love for the place has grown even stronger since we've witnessed the spirit, energy and authenticity of the Ibiza Rocks House parties. I hope to see some of the faces I became accustomed to seeing on the open terrace and the darker recesses of Space, the people who grew with us but no longer feel they have space at Space. People who Love music as much as we do and want to capture the feeling of hearing a song they have always wanted to hear in a venue other than their home. People for whom food is as important a part of their Sunday tradition as a good glass of wine. And the people who want it all!"
- Mark Broadbent

"For all it's musical history Ibiza's tastes seem to have stagnated in recent years and even beach bars and tiny local restaurants seem to have house music on a constant loop. We want to offer an alternative to this and represent what we consider to be good, interesting and appropriate music. That's what Balearic should mean, isn't it?""
- Big L

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