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Ushuaïa 2016 opening date announced

The clubbers’ hotel opens its doors this coming May.

Over the years, Ushuaïa Hotel has become an indisputable benchmark of day-time parties, impressive stage production and a place to make memories on the island. All of its events during the 5 summer months are a clear example of the brands ambition since its development six years ago, an evolution reflected in all its party line-ups composed mostly by the big names from dance music royalty. That's why in this coming 2016 season expectations are high; there is no doubt that the clubber's hotel of the island won't leave anyone unsatisfied.

To start putting cards on the table and let people know, in advance, when they have to book flights to inaugurate the season, Ushuaïa has confirmed the opening party date - Saturday 28th May.

That is all they have announced for the moment, the line-up is unknown – although Andrea Oliva has shared the post on Facebook – but regarding the last opening and closing parties that the venue has hosted, we can expect a musical theme to cater for the less mainstream music fans, with more techno and tech-house offerings. Of course we hope the party will run out after mid-night as usual but let's wait to see what the governments attitude is about it.

Above all, one of the biggest Ibiza parties and one you cannot miss this season. Tickets will be available very soon through Ibiza Spotlight, we will update you the next weeks with prices and more information. In the meantime...

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