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Sankeys opens for winter with Unusual Suspects

It's a second winter season for Ibiza's basement haunt

Tribal Sessions gave Sankeys one last whipping to see off season 2016 with a ghoulish Halloween scream, and then the club seized the chance to chill for an extended and much needed rest.

Summer's done, our days are shorter and our nights longer, but we still need reason for some damn good clubbing throughout the winter, eh? Sankeys' club owner, David Vincent, knows the feeling, and one year on from experimenting with giving his basement haunt a winter season, he's back with another for 2016/2017.

Sankeys' winter opening party kicks off on Thursday 17 November with Unusual Suspects – the residency that boosted Ibiza's nightlife scene last winter and earned itself a summer season slot. On the line-up are David Squillace, Martin Buttrich, Haiku 575, Re. You, and Federico Grazzini B2B with Frank Storm.

Top news for island residents, and if you're yet to get a taste for Ibiza in winter, do yourself a favour and consider a last minute booking to the island.

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