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Soul Heaven really is in Ibiza

Louie Vega’s debut residency at El Divino continues to reach out.

When it comes to pioneers of house music, there are often many dj names thrown into the mix – some deservedly, others less so.

However, when the name Louie Vega (below) is mentioned there would be few to argue that the club scene really owes a lot to this guy, either as one half of Masters At Work or by his own work / productions.

Louie Vega at El Divino

So when it was announced that ´Little´ Louie Vega would be running his own residency in Ibiza, there was a lot to get excited about. This party, Soul Heaven, would be also be his first ever residency in Ibiza and would be held at El Divino, one of the sexiest clubs in Ibiza.

Despite a slow start to the season (running on the same night as Ibiza big hitters We Love Space and Judgement Sunday doesn´t help) Soul Heaven stayed true to it´s goals and now, as we draw towards the end of the season, has grown into one of the best parties on the island.

When we were there on Sunday 31 August, Louie Vega was joined by another old school house legend, Lil Louis (of French Kiss fame), apparently the first time these two had ever played together over their long dj history.

Happy clubbers at Soul Heaven

This is a party for pure soulful house lovers, and we enjoyed some of the best music we´d heard this season. No electro-tech, minimal-house or techno-filled tunes here – but instead, a wonderful selection of vocal and vibrant house tunes taking us over the years.

The crowd – a cosmopolitan mix of Euro clubbers – were all up for it too tonight. The party atmosphere was friendly and the dancefloor full of smiles – particularly when the Frankie Knuckles classic ´Your Love´ was dropped !

Soul Heaven flyerThis is certainly a party that is ending on a high and the final few weeks here look good too ..

India will be performing live this Sunday 7 September, while Julie McKnight (Diamond Lights) arrives the following week.

We´ll also be there for another Soul Heaven experience before the summer ends !

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