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Free e-bike excursion with Green4RentIbiza

A great way to try an electric bike.

Every Donnerstag from 30 Mai 2020 until 20 Jun 2020
Ab: 09:00

Wo: Ibiza-Stadt (Eivissa)

Each Saturday from 30 May to 20 June 2020 from 9:00 till 12:00.

The event is divided into four parts:
1st where we meet, get to know each other and choose the bikes. (Half an hour)
2nd each participant download the free application for android or iphone and unlock their bike (5-10 minutes) Note: the service will not be charged, but you need to bring a credit card to unlock one or more bikes
3rd in this part I explain carefully the use of bicycles in a practical way (15 to 25 minutes)
4th I let you try the bike at your discretion. Enjoy the day, and if you take some photos, post them with a mention and our photographer will decide which of the participants wins another day for free, and with someone to accompany him. Note: It is not mandatory to take part in this photography contest to take part in this event

A fun event that will help you to know if an electric bicycle can be useful in your life. It also help us to identify the needs. All in all sharing a some good moments.

IF you are interested leave me a message on the Facebook event page or write an email to

Bitte sendet uns die Daten zu eurem Event und wir nehmen es umsonst mit auf: Veranstaltung eintragen lassen