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International Ocean Film Tour 2019

Documentaries and movies about the 7 seas.

Dienstag 11 Jun 2019
Ab: 19:45

Wo: Cinema Multicines, Ibiza-Stadt (Eivissa)

If you are an ocean lover you cannot miss this screening of the bustling marine life.

It is already the 6th edition of the International Ocean Film Tour, and will be taking place on Tuesday 11 June from 19:45 to 22:45 in Multicines Eivissa (map).

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the beauty and fascination for the oceans to the big screen. The program consists of six films of great importance and international prestige, with a total duration of approximately two hours.

The group aims to defend the oceans and ilegal activities, as well as make everyone aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the seas.

For more information, trailer and tickets check their official website or the Facebook event.

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