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Photography exhibition in ME Ibiza

A deep look into Ibiza's last 15 years.

Freitag 14 Jun 2019
Ab: 19:00

Wo: ME Ibiza Hotel, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

A sensitive radiography of Ibiza over the past 15 years through the eyes of Isa Flores, is landing at ME Ibiza this Friday 14 June 2019 from 19:00.

La Skimal Photography proposes her particular portrait of Ibiza over the past 15 years, from different prisms: the natural environment that saw her grow, the music and club culture, and the essence and idiosyncrasy of her own of the people as of the characters that inhabit the island.

The exhibition, composed of a series of photographs distributed by different spaces of the hotel, shows a sensitive radiography of Ibiza through the eyes of Isabel, starring internationally renowned figures and which in turn, works as an artistic biography of her different stages of creation.

Join this Vernissage followed by a cocktail reception and a Dj set by Dj Oliver.

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