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Ibiza Rocks reaches boiling point

Ibiza Rocks are ending the season on a super-charged high.

If you´ve been to any of the Ibiza Rocks gigs this summer, chances are you wouldn´t have left disappointed ... the combination of live indie music under the Ibiza sun is a proven winner now.

However, the last two jamming sessions at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel have arguably been the best yet.

Hands up in the air for Ibiza Rocks

Despite losing some of the rawness and intensity since leaving Bar M, and a slower than expected start at the beginning of this season, the Ibiza Rocks experience is at a whole new level.

We thought it had reached its peak on Tuesday 19 August, when Ibiza Rocks veterans, The Streets, took centre stage at the Hotel to a packed arena. Forget your personal opinion of the Streets, Mike Skinner or their music, to watch these guys live is just an explosion of noise, lights and crazy, crazy fun !

The Streets at Ibiza Rocks

The Streets were certainly up for this one last week and there was not one person in the crowd who didn´t leave fully charged. Playing their own popular hits and also a few covers (Out of Space anyone ..?), Mike Skinner even found time to do the obligatory rock´n´roll crowd surf, before ordering the crowd into the adjacent swimming pool.

Security were not impressed we´re sure, but what the hell ... it was a fantastic live gig.

Not to be outdone, on Tuesday 26 August it was the turn of Soulwax (below) and 2 Many DJ´s to perform at what were the last live gig´s at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel this year.

Soulwax looking all white to us

Soulwax live is an experience that we recommend to everyone, no matter where your tastes lie ... their electro-rock tunes had the floorboards shaking from the very start.

There were less familiar tracks than what The Streets had to offer, but performance-wise – with the band all dressed up in their customary matching white suits – this was something special.

2 Many DJ´s were to follow in much the same way – leaving us wondering if there was more electricity in the crowd than what was feeding the speakers !

So ... no more live gigs at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel, although every night there are the resident bands and dj´s of course.

A slow start maybe, but Ibiza Rocks has fitted nicely into it´s new home at the Hotel. But it´s not over yet, with two more parties still to come.

Ibiza Rocks at the Hipodrome

On Tuesday 2 September, it´s an Ibiza debut for The Zutons, not a gig we´ll be missing. While the following Tuesday sees Pendulum back in town. Both of these parties will be held at the Hipodrome (above), where bands such as the Fratellis have already rocked it out.

If you´re out here, get involved in the last live gigs of the summer !

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel

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