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Insider A -Z of Ibiza: W is for Winter

Ibiza all year round.

Everyone always asks Ibiza all-year-round residents “what's it like in the winter”? An island of only 2 seasons, the contrast is extreme! Without wanting to choke on a mouthful of clichés, it's the ultimate gift. After a season of madness and intense heat, come the end of October (Halloween usually marks the official beginning of the winter - see my previous guide on U is for Underground Parties), the island becomes our own again and we get to see Ibiza in its raw and natural state. The super clubs shut (except for Pacha which is only open on a weekend) and even McDonalds in the port closes down for a few months. Sleepy and divine, the weather is perfect and we have time to reflect, eat, watch TV and hang out with the mates we see very little of in the summer. I could wax lyrical about the sublime winters forever!

However, this is Ibiza remember. There's always going to be things for us to do and a party or 3 going down. Here's a few of my favourite shindigs when the residents come out from under their winter shells...


The local's most treasured spot for small yet perfectly formed parties whatever the time of year, this hedonistic rabbit warren of mischief opens every Friday in the winter with local DJs who reside on the island (think Andy Baxter, Mental Genius, Bushwacka, Andy Wilson, Scott Gray) pumping up the tunes in Freddie's Suite till the early hours. It's not unusual for Pikes to be packed in the winter when the quietness forces the locals out of hibernation for an end of the week get together in true Pikes style.

Insider Info - Sunny's bathtub karaoke gets a proper hammering when we only have to fight against each other for possession of the microphone. Nights have been known when certain residents barely venture from the infamous bathroom due to unadulterated Madonna overkill (no names to be mentioned - DJ Paulette).

Black Door Cinema Club

Hidden up a backstreet in Ibiza's new town, an unassuming shop front with no sign belies a proper winter gem - a secret members only movie club. Once your name is checked off on the list you enter to find the who's who of Ibiza's winter crew sipping drinks at the speakeasy style bar and catching up on the latest gossip. Behind the velvet drapes is a small screening room with comfy sofas to recline in and watch that week's film, drink in hand. The Black Door Cinema Club is a social highlight of many local's week.

Insider Info - Don't bother having dinner before the film. The Black Door bar serves up yummy hot dogs and gourmet popcorn. Just perfect for washing down with a vino or beer whilst watching the carefully chosen movie. Past films include Gone Girl, Jaws, Pride and all the Oscar nominations of last year.

New Year

Now this is when the locals really do let their winter hair down. New Year is swiftly becoming one of the most looked forward to days/nights of the year. Like a private party with all the Ibiza residents invited, the locals come out of the woodwork, young and old, and go at it HARD. In previous years, Amnesia has opened for one night only on New Years Eve for Music On, however, now the party starts at Pacha, sees in midnight at Pikes and then reaches a massive crescendo at DC10 on New Years Day which only opens for this one occasion out of season. Utterly brilliant.

Insider Info - Conserve your energy for New Years Day at DC10. Don't get too carried away at Pikes (a very tall order indeed). Try to be the first one on the famous terrace dancefloor and stay till the end. With plenty of space to shake your thang and the creme de la creme of Circoloco's residents at the helm, you won't be disappointed...

San Antonio Flower Power

Even though the dust has barely settled after the debauchery of New Year at DC10, San An is transformed from one chilly night in January into an all night street party in the form of Pacha's famous Flower Power. An oversized tent is erected in the square and the island's winter posse bring their fancy dress A-game. Even if hippies and the Beatles ain't your thing, you can't help but get caught up the fun.

Insider Info - For one night only, the West End fling open their doors and set up shot bars on every street corner. Super dangerous and super fun, watching a few thousand islanders in afro wigs and flares on this crazy pub crawl is nothing short of ridiculous.

Next week, X is for Xtreme...

Insider's A - Z of Ibiza

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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