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Ibiza villas for a clubbing holiday

Party and chill

It's been said many times that a private villa has lots going for it as a holiday home-away-from-home. You get comfort, space, lots of mod cons and you only have to deal with the people you are staying with who are usually your friends.

Price comes into it big time because villas can prove to be a surprisingly affordable option. For as little as €65 per person, per day, you can get yourself a nice, relatively chi chi villa that takes your whole group. If money is easy to come by, then you could find yourself staying in some of the most gorgeous villas around. There are lots of options in the middle too which are cost-effective and come in many styles from an old style finca to modernist temple and all points in between. If you are tighter on cash, you'll find that by going for more inexpensive options, you can save more money for the clubs. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Post club comfort

Another great bonus is knowing that at the end of a night out, you can be whisked home knowing you wont have to do any kind of Cersei Lannister style walk of shame in front of other holiday makers, especially when it's been a particularly late night. Instead you can slip into bed and wake up to a bright sunny sky, ready for your next challenge. And, that could be just to make yourself a classy cocktail, slide into a sun-lounger, then take a dip in your private pool at home flicking through the satellite TV channels. Liking the idea?

There are several zones of Ibiza that you'll want to be close to for the super clubs. The big four are San Antonio, Ibiza Town, San Rafael and Playa d'en Bossa: all make excellent places to base yourself near for quick access to your favorite clubs. San Rafael is a particularly good option for getting to clubs and also for getting to the other three locations. Where you might not want to be is the quiet peaceful north, if only because getting back is more expensive. Being close to clubs means you can book a taxi or a private hire car for larger groups and you will save even more.

Being close to the action

Ibiza Spotlight has many featured villas, many of which are very close to the clubbing zones and are highlighted as suitable for clubbers. Villa Montecristo is in the same locality and it sleeps a whopping 16 people and makes a good reasonably priced option for you and lots of your mates. From here, you might be able to do an easy clubbing tour of Ibiza and write a book about it. Over near Playa d'en Bossa is Villa Sant Jordi (Ref. 004) where you will get some much needed tranquility after a visit to nearby Space or Ushuaïa in a spacious pad that sleeps eight people. Then, nearby close to Ibiza Town, there's the smaller Country Villa San Jordi (Ref. 015), a pretty quiet oasis and one of the few two-bedroom rental villas on the island.

If you want to spend a little more then Can Nebot between Ibiza Town and Playa d'en Bossa gets you close to a good portion of clubs and comes with cool white chic furnishing and even an outside bar. In Talamanca, Sea view villa Talamanca (Ref. 065) is great for a big group of friends, with its huge long polished wooded-slabbed table and trendy moulded chairs. Outside, the pool area is magnificent with a 15-metre long infinity pool with loungers and a gazebo for shade - perfect for a post-club chill out.

Respect for your lodgings

One thing that should go without saying is that villa owners will not want you to bring the party home with random strays in tow and turn the place into a club. You need to respect the place you are in, if not for yourself, for others who want to be comfortably close to the clubbing action in their own private residence. Some owners actively discourage clubbers staying, which might be a surprise for Ibiza; they just don't want their lovely little place damaged, often reflected by increasing the breakage deposit, so be aware of that.

Be sure to take a look at our features on how to choose a villa on Ibiza to help you in making the right choices. Remember too that that if you here on a clubbing holiday, that Ibiza Spotlight gives you a hassle free way of getting all your club tickets, so you know you are guaranteed entry. Happy clubbing!

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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