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Davide Squillace ahead of Hï Ibiza opening 2017

The Circoloco resident on new Balearic ventures with Hï Ibiza and Labyrinth at Pacha.

Davide Squillace, a DJ and producer who is forward-thinking in his approach to fusing music with the visual arts, is a suitable choice for the opening of new state of the art nightclub, Hï Ibiza. Sure, we've been teased with a sneak preview taken from inside the Playa d'en Bossa venue and have some idea of what's being built within its walls. However, for the most part, we've been left to imagine what's in there for ourselves, and much like Squillace, we're anticipating that we'll be blown away by Hï Ibiza's level of productions and technology this coming Sunday.

The Barcelona-based label boss, who has been a Circoloco resident since 2007, isn't only behind pushing Hï Ibiza's debut season, as he's also set to make his first appearance at Pacha for Hot Since 82's residency, Labyrinth. And with a European tour and an upcoming debut album with DJ collective Better Lost Than Stupid, the Neapolitan is experiencing a surge of creative drive.

Read on for Squillace's lowdown on season 2017.

Launching into your year so far, you've been on a European tour with DJ collective, Better Lost Than Stupid. You're going in big with stage production, with each show providing a different audio visual experience. How were you three involved in orchestrating the production designs for each event?

We DJ'd back to back and the next step was to take it on the road. Right now, we're working on choosing a possible designer for the stage and feeding this person our ideas and to develop them. It's almost impossible for every show to be completely different from the other, but there will be slight differences depending on how it goes.

Life for an international DJ can be notoriously lonely and isolated when touring over the world frequently. Did you guys manage to tour to each destination together and get that group tour vibe going?

Definitely. We toured with our tour manager which helped us with the basics. It's pretty amazing to fly around the world with your friends. Obviously, some mornings when you're waking up early you have to synchronise with everybody else but overall it's great.

The relationship with the audience is crucial for a DJ. How was it to share that connection with hundreds of clubbers between the three of you?

This is what makes a good team. There is a learning curve of understanding each other and you then manage to make a connection of the three of you becoming one act in front of the crowd. Each artist brings different aspects but I hope people see us as one entity.

You dropped your first ever production ‘Dynamite' in February. Did you take the time to get together in the studio? Or was it through adding pieces together separately?

For this release we decided to do something you would expect from one of us. The idea behind it was to do something that would go straight to the dancefloor, to build some tension and anticipation because the final album will be a lot different and won't be typical dancefloor music.

What can you spill about the album?

Nothing, ha!

Cutting to Ibiza, you've been a Circoloco resident for years now. Why do you think this club has remained such a great venue for the discovery and appreciation of electronic dance music?

The main engine behind it is passion. It's a business but it's not about money. They run this business as a family for people who truly enjoy the music.

How do you see the relationship between music and the space it is performed at, especially as you've performed with Circoloco on a global level?

The same track in different spaces and cultures has a different result. It's crucial who is listening, who the audience are, what sort of day they have had – we're human beings and are affected by whatever has happened to us. The main difference is between the diverse cultures of the world.

It's known for getting in a music savvy crowd. Do you then find it easier to tune in and read Circoloco audiences?

It's a bit like at home. I go to my kitchen open the fridge and take some stuff to cook. I could go and play in slippers – I'm very comfortable playing to them.

You once said Circoloco is so good it messes you up for future gigs. How does it mentally impact a DJ when their next gig doesn't match up to their last?

Ah it sucks, you feel depressed for a day and a half. But you realise not every night in the world is the same as Circo.

Hï Ibiza opening party is your first date at the club for 2017. Have you taken an interest on researching more about the finer details of the event or are you happy to be blown away on the day?

I had some inside scoop from some friends, but how the actual experience will be is no match! I want to go there and be impressed.

You're going B2B with Andrea Oliva and then playing for him at his Hï residency. You had a B2B session together at BPM Festival. Did this influence those bookings?

No, we've been good friends for at least 12 years. We met a long time ago in Switzerland when he was gigging all around the country. He had a car and was doing three cities in the same night. I've always told him he is a fantastic DJ.

How do you think Ibiza will benefit from Hï's presence on the Island?

It's always exciting to have a new club around. Especially with all the expectation and rumours about this place being the most advanced technological club ever. The people who run it know what they're doing – I'm excited to see what will happen.

Hot Since 82 has you locked in for an appearance at Pacha with his Labryrinth residency. Will this be your first time playing there?

Yes, it is my first one. I've been asked in the past but I've been busy with my Circo gigs so it wasn't really possible. It's the first time and I'm excited to go to different parts of the island to check it out - it helps you and develops your career hearing other sounds from DJs.

Hot Since 82's concept is all about the fantastical and he's planning on giving us a magical maze to explore. Clubbing has always been about escaping reality. Do you see that integrating these immersive themes amplifies the clubber's experience?

For sure, who doesn't like to venture down a rabbit hole. It's amazing.

* Catch Davide Squillace at the Hï Ibiza opening on Sunday 28 May, Labyrinth at Pacha on Friday 7 July, with Andrea Oliva at Hï Ibiza on Tuesday 18 July, and keep a check on those Circoloco dates.

WORDS l Aimee Lawrence PHOTO CREDITS l Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE and Circoloco Ibiza

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