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Gathering together for love and peace in new festival

Rise Up Ibiza is a mega 6-day spiritual festival on Ibiza coming next week. Are you ready?

San Rafael's hippodrome is host for one week in May to the very first edition of the new spiritual festival, Rise Up Ibiza, given the title of a world wisdom and peace gathering.

The event takes place from 12-17 May 2017 with a total of six days of deep spiritual diving on the lovely island of Ibiza.

This is the place to connect with divine beings, spiritual leaders, spiritual healers and experts from all over the world, including shamans and Celtic tradition keepers.

The idea for the festival is for people to go to try and create what the organisers call the best version of themselves.

The event also encourages the idea of continual learning, compassion to yourself and living without judgement.

Gathering for peace at Rise Up IbizaGathering for peace at Rise Up Ibiza

Belief in the supernatural appears not to be optional, so atheists should go with an open mind omitting the 'higher power' parts, which would seem sensible.

For those not of a ‘spiritual' bent, starting off each morning with yoga and meditation as you will do here has been proved scientifically to be beneficial.

The opening ceremony is on the first day, 12 May and there will be music, food and a global healing session.

To find out more check out Rise Up Ibiza's Facebook page to find more details about the event.

The organisers of Rise Up Ibiza hope to spread a message of peace and love to the world from the platform of Ibiza. Good luck from us guys!

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