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IMS searches for industry visionary speaker

The International Music Summit and Mixmag collaborate to find the next industry innovative speaker.

The International Music Summit (IMS) has teamed up with the music magazine, Mixmag for a brilliant industry-based competition. The Visionaries 2018 competition searches for the next music industry innovator and influencer.

The competition will give the winner a platform for his or her voice to be heard at IMS. The main prize is the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at the summit event. You still have a chance to apply now as the competition is open until 31 March.

Besides the main prize, other benefits include the opportunity to network with industry figures. Also, the winner will have access to the panels and official parties that the summit has to offer.

In addition, the prize includes mentorship and internship placements from Mixmag, IMS, Omnicom and more. Plus a whole lot of other brilliant extras await the winner.

The IMS will hit Ibiza from 23 May to 25 May. If you think you have the knowledge and ideas to be the next industry Visionary then apply via the IMS website here

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