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Glitz and Glam with Kiss My Fairy

Kiss My Fairy is Ibiza’s hot spot to get painted in glitter and express your individuality.

With more and more people wanting to get party ready with body painting and add glitter sparkle, we went along to Kiss My Fairy ahead of an evening out to get ourselves each a fabulous individual look.

Ibiza's party scene has evolved in the past few years with more and more parties with a hippy, boho vibe. We were off to Capadi Rebelsland at Benimussa Park, also home to Zoo Project, where many can be seen with bodies glittered and painted. It's the same at WooMoon at Cova Santa and Dystopia at Ushuaia. It's all about expressing your natural and original wild side through clothes, body paint and glitter.

It's a trend that's extending itself to all kinds of parties or when you want to stand out or just find that part of yourself that likes to dress up and be different. Whenever you see people shimmering from head to toe in body paint and glitter, it's very often courtesy of Kiss My Fairy in San Antonio, which is is at the top of its game in this type of look.

jazzing up your look

Me with my jazzy mermaid design

I had already seen plenty of Instagram snaps before going to the the Kiss My Fairy body painting shop, so my mind was ticking over with different designs. If you are unsure about what look to get, the artists can help plus there are lookbooks to browse through for inspiration.

The team at this shop is very friendly and bubbly and you certainly notice the buzzing vibe when you get there, which helps to get you in the mood for a night out. It was great having someone that was able to listen, understand and then translate my ideas into a great look that was all my own.

I was wearing a simple black and white outfit, so it was suggested I add some pink to jazz up my look. I watched as the artists used a small piece of fishnet material as a stencil to get the scaly mermaid look I was after on my arm. It was really impressive how fast it took to create such a striking look. Genius!

an eye for detail

Ibiza Spotlight's Steve getting tribal transformation

One of my colleagues, Steve, drew inspiration from the Capadi Rebelsland flyer that had a bright jungle-themed look. His arm became a funky tribal painting. Whilst I loved mine, I was almost a bit jealous that I hadn't thought of doing the same.

Joan, another colleague had put on a great dress with lots of colour, so her arm brought out those colour with a perfectly painted palm leaf at the centre of the art; some glittery make-up around the right eye area completed the look.

Working with people that have a keen eye for detail and creative flair, you'll find that whatever you want or wear, you can get something that's really individual.

ready to party

Where the glitter magic happens - inside Kiss My Fairy

Arriving at Capadi Rebelsland and making our way onto the dancefloor, we were all showered with compliments from fellow party-goers. As we danced the night away, we marvelled that neither the heat of the night or our vigorous moves could wash away our painted, glitter adornments. The only downside was the thought that we'd be showering it off later.

If you don't want to travel to San Antonio, Kiss My Fairy can spread its wings and come to you with mobile services. And, if you are heading to Ocean Beach this summer, you'll see a pop-up glitter stand for walk-ins every day That's right!

Whenever you want to shine and sparkle and get a fabulous look, Kiss My Fairy will have you feeling like a ten out of ten.

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