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Ibiza Rocks survey results

It's official - young Brits love Ibiza!

A new survey, commissioned by poolside party specialists Ibiza Rocks, has delved into the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the younger generation and how it has influenced their feelings towards travel and tourism in the post-Covid-19 lockdown era.

The opinions of 5025 respondents aged 18-30, living in the UK, were canvassed, revealing some very positive statistics for our hurting tourist industry.

Some of the key statistics:

  • 78% are comfortable to travel to Ibiza this year
  • Over 70% are happy to fly on an aircraft this summer, with safety measures in place
  • 75% feel they will be safe in open-air venues
  • 92% are in agreement with social distancing measures being in place in hotels

One of the main aims of the study was to ascertain the appetite for overseas travel in 2020 amongst the youth generation and to understand any reservations they may have.

What the study has shown for the travel industry is a very healthy demand from the youth sector to want to travel overseas this summer. Also, there is a clear respect for the safety measures they acknowledge will need to be put in place whilst travelling abroad.

Highlighting the important correlation between freedom of association and good mental health, the study delved into the effects of the recent lockdown on the younger generation, with 53% of those aged 18-21 finding lockdown "tough" or "very difficult".

Across the whole 18-30 age group, overwhelmingly the social aspect of not being able to physically see friends and family ranked first and second for what they had found hardest about lockdown.

Commenting on the status of the youth travel market and the importance of looking after Gen-Z during this pandemic, Ibiza Rocks Group Co-Founder and CEO Andy McKay said, "Like everyone in recent months, Ibiza Rocks customers, whose physical risk profile is lower than most, have sacrificed their personal freedom massively."

"It is this generation that will be largely left to pay the enduring cost of this crisis and our customers will be amongst those that must live with the short, medium- and long-term consequences. Our youth audience are uniquely positioned to be the safest to kick start the airline industry and, in the process, let their hair down and have some much deserved and needed fun."

You can view the full analysis of the results at Ibiza Rocks' website.

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