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Craig David comes home to Ibiza Rocks

The TS5 Pool Party opening exceeded expectation and then some.

After two years out of the game, you can never predict if parties making their 2022 comebacks can live up to past expectations. Well, Craig David and his exclusive Ibiza Rocks' TS5 Pool Party made its revival this week and let's just say, it was bigger and better than ever before.

Either side of our host, Ibiza Rocks' resident Patrick Nazemi laid down exuberant sets, while earlier in the day celebrity DJs James Haskell and Marvin Humes entertained the crowds.

Let's be honest though, the star-attraction was the host himself. Craig David was who the people were here for - and he didn't skip a beat.


With the hot tub, beds and main stage dancefloor full to the brim, the real OG Craigy D had his fanbase right where he wanted them. All it took was his dulcet tones to really get the party started.

Proven after spitting just one of the bars of his opening tune and most well-known track Rewind, certified his status within the industry and that he can return each year and still sell-out a venue.

His crazy rapping abilities, scratching and beatboxing got the crowd pumped. People still live for his songs that were bought out 20 years ago and that is something special that not many others can replicate.

WORDS | by Lissy Lübeck


Welcomed back to Ibiza Rocks with screams and cheers, Craig David danced about the stage charming the crowd who hollered back his classic lines to him including, Fill Me In and Walking Away.

It was the smooth rendition of Seven Days which got the whole of Ibiza Rocks fired up, from poolside to the VIP and all the way to the private balconies of guests.

Bouncing from the front to behind the decks, he switched the tempo, moving from covers of classic rap covers to bygone Garage. TLC's No Scrubs and Sweet Female Attitude's Flowers being two numbers which got the Craig treatment.

And, of course, the crowd kept their hands in the air for the duration.

WORDS | by Hayley Morgan

The showman

When it comes to Craig David's TS5, you don't just get a naturally-gifted all-round entertainer, but you get a piece of the man's heart as well. The host exudes such stage presence, it's enough to send any diehard fans hyper-ventilate. Even as a veteran, he's still setting pulses racing.

When Craig makes eye-contact with somebody in the crowd, it feels like he's singing solely for them.

It's this rapport with his audience that has proved the winning formula for this party ever since it landed at Ibiza Rocks. Despite two years of absence,

Born To Do It? You'd better believe it. No one does it better.

WORDS | by Stephen Hunt

If you missed out on the Craig David opening party shenanigans, fear not. Craig is back on five more occasions, starting tomorrow Tuesday 28 June.

Tickets for all remaining dates can be found below.

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party listings - 2022

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party Opening Party

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

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