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Hunky B Young whips Mon Cheri opening party into a frenzy

Saturday nights are all about sexy and sophisticated R&B and Hip-Hop at Eden.

One of the most vocal R&B and Hip-Hop enthusiasts in the Ibiza Spotlight team, it was a foregone conclusion I would be nominated to cover the opening party of London-based lifestyle brand Mon Cheri. Some assignment I have absolutely no problem being designated.

Going into the second year of its electic residency on the island, I was intrigued to see how the switch of venue to Eden would translate.

Upon arrival at around 00:30 (keen bean), I was delighted to see an equally eager queue of revellers gathered outside of Eden. Despite a roaring start, the summer is still yet to move into fifth gear. On this evidence, starting the season early has already paid off.

Mon Cheri Ibiza | Eden

Walking inside, a near instantaneous vibe was flowing through the spacious arena, as old school R&B blared from the club's notorious Void Incubus sound system. With the DJs playing everything from Drake and Nicki Minaj, to Beyonce and Rihanna, it was refreshing to hear some good ol' sing-along tunes. This gal can get her fill of House beats every now and again.

For the three hours before the special guest headliner B Young came on stage, myself and Jo sat happily in our exclusive VIP table overlooking the dancefloor.

We danced, we sang, we drank and made a bunch of friends. It proved how much of a high demand there is for these genres on the island, which is why promoters like Mon Cheri diversifying Ibiza's nightlife are very welcomed.

Mon Cheri Ibiza | Eden

The dancefloor boasted a good mix of ages, nationalities and girl to boy ratio that underlined the popularity of these styles amongst the fairer sex. Different groups were mingling in the mixer, belting out every lyric and catching a vibe.

The DJs knew exactly how to work the crowd, with the reaction to each song creating ecstatic bursts of energy. For me what was special, was the blend between the old and new, with some taking me down nostalgia lane to my innocent teen years.

At around 03:45, hunky B Young took to the stage.

Mon Cheri Ibiza | Eden

Elevated above the DJ booth on a platform that spanned the width of the dancefloor, he appeared in his trademark attire of a white vest and track pants, finished with a pair of fresh sneakers.

Being a big fan of a few of his hits, I was intrigued to see which one he decided to open his live performance with. Correct in my prediction, Jumanji was the suitably chosen opener, and the fans who had muscled to the front couldn't get enough (myself included).

Further hits 079ME, WINE and Ride For Me followed, which went down a treat with the crowds. I have to say I was fan-girling a little too hard. Now my phone memory is full with videos of B Young - oops.

It was great to see a live act in Eden, something a little different from its DJ-led programme the other six nights.

Mon Cheri Ibiza | Eden

Seeing the hard work the team behind Mon Cheri has put in to make it even more special its 2022 debut season, is the reason I believe the brand is going to thrive this summer.

With an ambitious plan for production still to come, due to hit by mid-summer, Eden will be transformed with Mon Cheri bountiful red lips logo set to take over the streets of San Antonio. Watch this space. There could well be more surprises in store.

Tickets for all remaining dates are on sale now and available below.

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