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Review: Ministry of Sound at Eden, 25th July

Ministry of Sound have clearly found their place in paradise...

Thursday night saw Ministry of Sound's takeover of the newly renovated Eden. With a line-up including Wildkats, Amine Edge and the mighty MK, understandably there was a queue down the street, teased by the sounds of bass that emanated from inside Eden's walls.

Inside, the iconic Ministry of Sound logo was spinning on the screens behind each DJ as they made Eden's decks their new home for the night. Wildkats' set was full of funk and disco vibes with sexy sulky bass lines that, thanks to the VOID sound system, you could feel walking through your body. They two-stepped in unison with each other, and things started to heat up as the already busy club filled up rapidly as 3am approached and the crowd prepared for the arrival of MK.

MK aka Marc Kinchen is the musical messiah for this season's workers especially, with his edit of Storm Queen's Look Right Through being heard on every balcony and by every pool across San An. Of course being the great performer he is he didn't disappoint, and not only played the track but initiated what I think was the longest running sit down of all time. Watching from the balcony upstairs, it was great to see the whole dance floor crouching and waiting for the track to drop, then singing along, their voices filling the whole club. He paid tribute to Lana Del Ray, playing a remix of Summertime Sadness, and one of this summer's anthems, the Axel Boman remix of Trickski's Good Time to Pray. It was great to see this huge and established name really get into his set, his enthusiasm matching that of the crowd.

It was also a breath of fresh air to see such a mix of ages and workers and holiday-makers, some there for a specific DJ, some for Ministry of Sound, or for the night as a whole. Now that workers can get in free with an Eden key ring, it means there is more opportunity for them to be exposed to music and DJs they might not be familiar with who they might really enjoy.

Amine Edge finished the night with his unique style of gangsta house, making sure the club stayed banging with deep bass sounds, gravelly vocals and elements of funk until 7am when we all spilled out the doors onto the sunny San An beach front.

It's clear from parties like this that Eden hasn't just been given a huge visual overhaul - by bringing Ministry of Sound back to the island and with great line-ups such as this one, they've really stepped it up. Welcome to paradise, MOS!

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