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Ibiza Rocks The Boat 2014: Wednesday And Friday Boats Announced

Start the party early on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Every Wednesday and Friday all manner of alternative music can be heard across the Ibiza Rocks stage at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio. It might not be techno, it might not be deep house, but who knows there may even by the odd guitar and drum kit involved! So, to warm you up for these nights of alternative music the IR team have chartered some boats for a pre-gig hoedown on the waves, especially for you. How nice is that, eh? Welcome to Ibiza Rocks The Boat.

On board you can expect the best and latest sounds from the world of indie, dance and beyond, making this probably the most eclectic soundtrack to a boat party on the island - all provided by Ibiza Rocks committed team of resident DJs. Joining these guys is usually an accoustic performance from a special guest each week, and combine that with the free drink you get when boarding and you've the making of a party indeed.

Last year, artists such as Example, Labrinth and Annie Mac graced the poop decks with their talents... so you have an idea of what to expect in 2014.

The boats are split up as such - on Wednesdays from 4th June until the 17th September, leaving at 2pm from the San Antonio marina, opposite the egg roundabout, and returning three hours later, just in time to get yourself down to Ibiza Rocks for the main Wednesday night live gig..

On Fridays, from the 6th June until the 19th September, the boat leaves from the San Antonio marina, opposite the egg roundabout, at 1:30pm, returning three hours later so you can all head straight to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for their We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.) - electronic music focused and DJ led - party.

Tickets purchased for these boat parties, priced from 70€, include both the boat AND the gig at Ibiza Rocks/We Are Rockstars afterwards. So no need to purchase separately and that is your day filled! Please check each date individually as ticket prices can differ.

Important information:

- Meeting point and ticket redemption is Ibiza Rocks Bar on the San Antonio beachfront from 11:30pm onwards. Please arrive early, with your printed ticket and ready to board. You must exchange your ticket for a wristband no later than 13:00 (12:30 for Fridays). From there you will be walked to the boat by Ibiza Rocks staff. If you don't redeem your ticket for a wristband by 13:00/12:30, your boat entry will not be guaranteed. Don't be late - the boat cannot wait.

- Keep your printed ticket to gain entrance to the Ibiza Rocks gig.

- Mutinies on board are not welcome.

Have a look at the film used to promote the 2013 season. General tomfoolery on the high seas, which is nice.

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