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A quick guide to surviving the Space closing

Replenish your souls and minds to hear that final tune

It's Sunday 2 October and hundreds of ravers have already landed on the island, while hundreds more are inward bound. Why? Because of the Space Ibiza closing, of course, which is set to descend upon us from 4 PM today!

From this aftenoon, we're looking to scale 20-odd hours inside the loving home of Space's walls, and a mission has been set by the Spotlight crew and thousands of others: none of us will be leaving the club until that all-important final tune hits us square in the face. Today will be spent getting primed and peppered to last as long as is physically and mentally possible, and we'll imagine the folks who do tumble out because they went too hard, too soon, will suffer from chronic bouts of self-disdain. For many – especially those whose reputation is built on being able to go for days on end – the task will be a total walk in the park.

Here's our lowdown on all sorts of good Spacey stuff to aid your final celestial journey.

Early Ventures

Our tips to you lot would be firstly, would be to get yourselves in there by 9 PM, but obviously, you'll want to be in there even earlier for some proper daylight action in the flight area (car park). And when you're outside, stay outside until it closes at 2 AM – although after this hour, we're hoping it might remain open as a bar area, which will be ideal for avoiding mass crowds when needed for a breather and a blether.

Seeking Temporary Refuge

If the crowds in the Discoteca and Terraza are swarming beyond what you comprehend as penetrable – which always happens for a few hours when the music stops in the carpark – seek refuge in the Premier Étage, El Salón or even the car park if it does land as our saviour to remain open as a bar area.

6 AM will be far from the final countdown in this event. Around this hour, boost back into the Terraza or Discoteca. Eat more, tank up on the H20 or whatever liquids you require and simply forget about being struck by the tired stick. Fatigue might be knocking to be let in, but get it gone.

Refuel and Replenish

Some clubbers say eating is cheating, however, in this case that rule does not apply. Even if stuffing something solid through to your digestive system seems like a nightmarish, impossible task – do it, trust us. You can nosh up on the belly-filling dough at the pizza counter on the Sunset Terrace, sandwiches from the car park or chocolates in the corner bar on the Sunset Terrace.

One Last Tune

Every happy clubber who's made the last pilgrimage to Space will be tightening up their belts to ensure they storm through to bear witness to the final, beating tune being pumped into our memory banks. No need to emphasise how special a moment it will be to hear that final selection come to a drawing close – there will be tears, but there will be even bigger tears for the people that went too fast and too hard at the beginning and wrecked their chances to experience a moment of clubbing history. Our faces are almost wrought with emotion at the mere thought.

So, folks, do all that you humanly can to see that you crawl out of here punctured with emotion as the club rests to stand in silence and mark the end of a heroic era.

Space Terrace Legends Return

With the line-up booming with such a mammoth pack of names, we've got to give mention to some of the DJs who battled behind that booth and chaperoned Space to be in a position to leave such a iconic legacy behind. There'll be mighty feelings of mutual excitement from both the terrace heroes and the clubbers who're landing fresh to see them play at a club that bolstered their beat hungry careers. Make sure you save some time to check out some Space legends in action.

Brandon Block and Alex P

Brandon Block and Alex P are two bona fide icons of Space's early days – it was Alex P's idea in 1991 to put a couple of decks behind the bar outside on the terrace. Two years later, Block got in on the game and together – as hedonistic rock stars of the dance world – they were the ones responsible for the amazing early morning Sunday sessions which cemented Space's rep as THE after-hours club. Block has already hinted that they'll be playing the stuff they're remembered for with a dabble in left field musical forms, and Alex P has promised that “it's gonna go off.”

Spotlight's standout track: Rhythm On The Loose 'Break Of Dawn'.

Daniel Klein

German DJ and producer, Daniel Klein, was a Space resident in the mid '90s and under his control he brought a true house vibe to the terrace. At the end of the season in 1999, he decided to part ways with the club so he could dig down and concentrate on individual projects.

Spotlight's standout track: Ultra Nate, 'Free'

Steve Lawler

Dubbed the 'King of Space' by Pepe Roselló himself – alongside Carl Cox, Alex P and Brandon Block, Steve Lawler brought a tougher, edgier sound the terrace at the end of the '90s. Clubbers making a regular pit stop in Ibiza will know that his relationship with the island remains tight, with his Warriors residency at Sankeys being one of Ibiza's firm favourites, but this gig will be something extra special for Lawler.

Spotlight's standout track: Bassheads, 'Is There Anybody Out There?'

Erick Morillo

Together with Lawler, Morillo brought the end of the '90s to a true climax with some legendary Space terrace sessions. One memory that stands strong in the minds of those that experienced the '90s was when he closed the season with an extended live mash up of 'Blue Monday' by New Order and 'Plastic Dreams' by Jaydee. Explosive.

Spotlight's standout track: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, 'Intro 2000'

Barbara Tucker and Jonathan Ulysses

Also in need of a mention is Barbara Tucker who stands tall as one of clubland's all-time biggest and successful vocalists. We also have Jonathon Ulysses who is famed for his airhorn accompaniment and terrace sessions. This year he celebrated his 20th year as a resident at Space - one mean feat. Make sure you also seek these two out for one final sing and spin at Space.

WORDS | Aimee Lawrence

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