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Top 5: Best Rooms in Ibiza

We're all looking for the premier clubbing experience in Ibiza, but so many of the very best spaces to soak up the special Ibicenco atmosphere are missed by the majority of ravers who come to the island. Here's our Top 5......

5. Seal Pit, Gala Night

Anyone who spent an afternoon here in the 90s on an 18-30's "excursion" will be suitably surprised by the increasing success of the Zoo Project events, much of which is centred around the iconic Seal Pit arena.

A small amphitheatre, supposedly, set over a former Seal Pit, this has been the centrepiece of the Zoo Project's concept and has featured some of the coolest names around from Luciano to Nick Curly to Matthias Tanzmann.

Despite the small capacity, the DJ booth is fairly well protected but the outdoor element added to the unusual surround means this clubbing space is amongst the best and most different in Europe.

4. Red Box, Space

The easiest room in Space to totally miss out on finding, which is probably why you're likely to be pleasantly surprised when you do find it. Located at the top of the stairs from the Discoteca, nestled behind the Premier Etage, the Caja Roja is a room that can squeeze a couple of hundred people in and features the best in underground and up front house and techno.

Think of it like a mini-Cocoon terrace in terms of how it sounds but without the masses and with that great vibe that can only ever be created in small spaces. Guests this year have included Clive Henry, Martin Buttrich, Jamie Jones, Simon Baker and Robert Dietz .......say no more.

3. Coco Loco, Privilege

You haven't properly had it in Ibiza until you've danced as the sun rises through the windows of the Coco Loco in Privilege. Somewhat of an institution amongst workers and island folk, up to and including the glory days of Manumission, this place would keep rocking till past 9 or 10 am when it would be classic rock, pop and soul that you were more likely to hear than dance music.

It has the intimacy that the Privilege Main Room so desperately lacks and a sound system adequate for the space size, again unlike the Main Room. Added to this you have spectacular views towards Ibiza Town and Formentera, a pulpit-like DJ booth and a dancing pole actually on the bar - which has seen the likes of Danny Tenaglia shaking his thing -making the Coco Loco a quintessential Ibiza clubbing, despite being sparingly used these days. Colour, vibrancy and smiling faces guaranteed.

2. Funky Room, Pacha

Another room that falls into the 'well done if you find it' category, but what a delight when you finally do. With residents Willie Graff, Graham Sahara and the likes of Pippi dropping by regularly, the Funky Room is much more than a supporting act in Pacha, it is a thriving community (maximum size at anyone time 100!) and lifestyle choice in itself.

Funky Room Resident Graham Sahara and Friend

The Funky Room (or El Cielo) has possibly the best sound system in proportion to room size in the whole of Ibiza and you really notice the difference. The true house sound (which ranges throughout the house spectrum and is not all fluffy hands in the air stuff as is often expected/rumoured) really infiltrates your mind, your body and your soul and it is quite common for people to start the night in here with a quiet drink and not leave till dawn with very tired danced-to-death feet. Authentic, true, deep, hypnotic, groovy and outstandingly funky house music, all night mofo long!

1. Amnesia Terrace

A chance visit to Cocoon a few weeks ago with a rather seasoned clubber friend of mine, left him lost for words as he overlooked the Amnesia Terrace for the first time. "Wow" was all he could say and what a WOW.....since the 2008 refit that relocated the DJ booth to the end of the room, the whole dynamic in the room has changed, it has been totally energised into an arena-sized temple of dance music.

Much of this list is made up of contrasting new and old spaces, (Funky Room and Red Box for example), the Amnesia Terrace deals with both those elements in fell swoop. One of the most famous clubbing spaces on the island, with a history that puts others to shame, it is now undoubtedly the most sought-after/in-demand gig for DJs to play and it is indisputably where everyone wants to party. Be there and sample the atmosphere when the bass drops!

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