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Cocoon Ibiza 2010: Line up news........

Round Two of the Cocoon Ibiza gossip juggernaut, including the will he/won't he Richie Hawtin thing, which we're more than happy to totally overhype into a soap opera....

.....We already explored some of the first Cocoon news a month or so ago, mainly centring on the potential comings and goings for the season to come.

Picking up the baton again, the Richie Hawtin (right) one is interesting. Remember the quote from Katrin at Clonk, that emphatically stated that "Richie is NOT doing a weekly residency", well the part of that conversation that got left out is the "and we're not talking any more about that", which at the time seemed fairly innocuous but has gradually come to be a classic example of silence being deafening. In the end, the likelihood is that Richie Hawtin will do 3 or 4 Minus dates for Cocoon this summer, with the real interest being in whether one of those will be a Plastikman special, his legendary moniker that is of course being resurrected this year. (check out the awesome Spastik track below)

Ricardo Villalobos will continue to be master of ceremonies on the terrace, along with Loco Dice who we're also hoping will feature strongly at Carl Cox's nights at Space, whilst Luciano is of course the notable absentee due to his weekly residency elsewhere - which of begs the question of what will happen to Cocoon staple, Reboot, as he's obviously very much part of the Cadenza family.

What else, well look out for Desolat and Cécille label nights, featuring Nick Curly, Markus Fix and of course Dice and Martin Buttrich, expect a couple of early openings in August and whilst we're at it, opening party predictions for Monday 14th June go something like this........

Main Room: Sven Vath, Matthias Kaden

Terrace: Ricardo Villalobos, Cassy (like last year)

Who's game then??!!

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