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'First Sunday of May' annual party in Santa Eulalia

The biggest fiesta in the resort of Santa Eulalia.

Sonntag 5 Mai 2019
Ab: 10:00

Wo: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Santa Eulalia traditionally celebrates the arrival of summer with a big shindig centred around the first Sunday in May an eagerly awaited date by the inhabitants of the village and the island.

A wonderful daytime festivity filled with a big parade of decorated carts, men and women dressed in traditional costumes, dance shows, vintage car parades, flower exhibition, concerts, food, plus many other events.

Also coinciding with Mother's Day in Spain, in the celebrations of the First Sunday of May there's something for everyone, locals and visitors alike.

It is interesting to note that the festival commemorates the legend of a sixteenth century chapel that fell into the sea. Read info.

For more information about the full programme of activities head here.

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