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Free kayak tours to discover the Posidonia

Posidonia is a seagrass species which plays a very important part of the underwater ecosystem.

Every Donnerstag from 9 Nov 2019 until 7 Dez 2019
Ab: 09:30

Wo: Der Strand von Talamanca

This kayak excursion is subsidized by the Ibiza Town Council, in the Viu la Posidonia programme.

For nature lovers out there, this could be the perfect excursion for you. Departure from Ses Figueretes beach, the tour will be between 09:30 and 12:30, welcome up to 25 people. You will learn the main values of Posidonia.

To sign up for this free activity email or call 971 399 232.

See the full programme Viu La Posidonia.

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