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29th Ibiza Jazz Festival

Four day festival in the open air

Mi. 6 Sept., 2017, Do. 7 Sept., 2017, Fr. 8 Sept., 2017, Sa. 9 Sept., 2017
Wo: Baluarte Santa Lucía, Dalt Vila, Ibiza-Stadt (Eivissa)

It's been a groundbreaking event in many ways, bringing some of the biggest names of the Jazz world to the island and was the first to use the current venue – the Santa Lucia Bastion in Dalt Vila – as a stage for live music.

The Programme

It's a free concert starting at 21:00 on 6th September taking place in the little square on the junction of Calles Anibal and Comte de Rossello near the old market place.

7th Sept – 21:30, MAP, a Menorcan trio playing mellow Mediterranean rhythms through to hard driving Bebop, and at 22:30 Ximo Tebar's Flamenco Jazz project 'Soleo Band. The New Son Mediterráneo.'

8th Sept – 21:30, Kontxi Lorente Trio (piano, bass and drums) play the relaxing sounds of their new album 'About Me' and at 22:30 the Eivissa Jazz Experience , a group of musicians who have played some of Spain's major Jazz Festivals and who come together as a unit to play Ibiza.

9th Sept – 21:30, Malstrom, a German band who won the Getxo Jazz fest this year play modern, 'rocky' Jazz and at 22:30 the Polish Marcin Wasilewski Trío close the evening and the festival with some relaxing, melodic dinner Jazz.

Read our news article about the event here.

Baluarte Santa Lucía, Dalt Vila

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