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Japanese stories

Kamishibai by Wabizasui

Sonntag 22 Dez 2019
Ab: 12:00

Wo: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

As every year the eco shop in Santa Eulalia Al-lots invites children of all ages to join them on this anual event of Japanese storytelling.

Traditional Japanese stories will come to life with the wooden theatre-style Kamishibai, a storytelling that accompanies the narration with hand drawn visuals.

Urashima tarô, the granddad who made trees bloom, Tsuki no Usagi, Issounbushi.

Entrance is free
Limited places
Language: Spanish
Al-lots Eco, Calle del Mar, 9, Santa Eulalia
Call to reserve: +971 33 64 60
Or send whatsapp: +34 690 823 136

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