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"World’s hottest chef" at Las Dos Lunas

Book a table now for an event that promises to be one of Ibiza's gastronomic events of the year.

Sonntag 4 Aug 2019, Montag 5 Aug 2019, Dienstag 6 Aug 2019
Ab: 20:00

Wo: Las Dos Lunas, San Rafael, Ibiza

One of the most iconic restaurants on the island, Las Dos Lunas, located on the road that connects Ibiza town with San Rafael, will host some special events during the month of August.

World known and multi-talented Peruvian celebrity chef Franco Noriega and his live cooking show will be demonstrating his passion for his native Peruvian cuisine, by designing a three-course menu "On-Fire" - a subtle food fusion taking in the Italian heritage of Las Dos Lunas - featuring two curated cocktails.

Franco will be bringing a side order of ripped abs to go with his three-day "Flavours of Peru" residence.

From Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 of August attendants will be able to enjoy this amazing dining experience from 20:00 onwards.

See our news piece, "World's hottest chef" arrives at Ibiza's Las Dos Lunas.

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