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Review: Scuba Ibiza

Want to go explore scuba diving in Ibiza? Here's our 'Wow' recommendation.

Scuba Ibiza are splendidly and conveniently located in Marina Botafoc. They're Ibiza´s foremost scuba diving specialists and boast impressive facilities including a well-stocked dive shop, classroom, hot showers, air and nitrox tank filling station and a boarding point just 30 metres from the centre.

Excellent Facilities

They offer every imaginable diving activity and qualification, from try-dives for absolute beginners, all the way through to Instructor level courses. You can either use your own dive gear or rent theirs. They have a full spectrum of underwater photography equipment for hire.

Scuba Diving Ibiza - It's amazing

High Standards

Now I'm a qualified PADI diver, half-way through my advanced qualification and was lucky enough to be taught in one of the world's best diving schools in the Caribbean. Having thus conquered a life-long phobia of the sea, I willingly admit that I am still a nervous diver and demand the highest standards of safety when engaging in this extreme sport. Scuba Ibiza had their work cut out!

Easily finding parking on the road running parallel to the marina, I early arrived one hot, sunny Ibiza morning, to find all the staff (immediately identifiable in their smart uniforms) already busy getting their clients and equipment ready for the day's diving.

Highly Qualified Staff

After filling in a form with all my details, co-owner and course director Paulo checked my qualifications and organized my obligatory insurance. With a practised eye, the extremely efficient staff accurately selected the correct sized dive gear for me and off I went with mounting excitement to change.

A group who were coming along for a try-dive (i.e., not qualified divers) were sat down in the onsite classroom and received a rigorous 10-15 minute safety brief from co-owner and director, Yaqui. As I listened into the brief, I felt a rush of relief at Yaqui's clearly evident expertise.

Instructions were given clearly and concisely and I noticed he took care to check comprehension after each detail had been explained. Obviously an accomplished and experienced teacher, I knew from that moment on I was with absolute professionals.

Professional and Responsible

Soon we were all kitted out with (good quality) scuba gear and boarded their modern, well-equipped boat. As we cruised slowly and respectfully out of the marina, the staff briefed us on the morning's plan. This included general information regarding the dive sites, points of interest, depth, safety stops and other important pieces of technical information.

It is impossible to emphasize enough how important this professional approach is. There are sadly many so-called dive schools around who fail to give this basic information to divers, or provide shoddy, old equipment, or fail to cover basic PADI guidelines. Details like this can be a matter of life and death when diving, so please do not underestimate the importance of how professional your chosen school is.

Scuba Diving Ibiza - seaweed

Explore the Secrets of the Sea

It is difficult to describe the incredible sensation of diving. Humanity knows more about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor. It is our planet's greatest mystery and to be down there, many metres below the surface of those crystal clear Ibiza waters, swimming with the incredible variety of vibrant marine life, is an indescribable privilege.

I saw an octopus emerging rapidly with wonderful elegance from its watery home, shooting off purposely on some evidently urgent business! Great schools of brightly coloured fish of all sizes and descriptions darted by, some with unearthly colours whose vibrancy I have never encountered on the land.

We swam in awe in the midst of a large group of Barracuda and I felt a rush of adrenaline as I noticed their intelligent eyes and observed their sharp rows of teeth and famously strong jaws! Yaqui, my designated dive-buddy, was faultlessly attentive, leading and controlling the group with utter professionalism.

Then back up, observing all important safety stops and on to the next dive site. Back on the boat, my nausea returned and I was immediately offered the option to be taken back to shore. Whilst I declined, stubbornly determined to do my long-waited-for second dive, I was extremely grateful to have been given the option. It was the right decision.

The second dive was spectacular. It was a stunning underwater wall, covered in amazing looking marine flora, coral and grasses, home to a myriad of exotic and beautiful sea creatures. Quite simply, wow, wow and wow.

If you want to experience the amazing hidden magic of underwater Ibiza, do not hesitate. Contact Scuba Ibiza. They're the best. Seriously.

Scuba Diving Ibiza - photographing the fish

Quick Facts

What? Scuba Ibiza Dive Centre

Where? Marina Botafoc

When? All year round, mornings and afternoons - night dives subject to availability

Why? Absolute professionalism. Outstandingly qualified staff. Excellent facilitites. Tuition available in 7 languages. Contact them for details.

Cost? From €38 per dive with your own dive gear to €50 including equipment hire. Check their excellent website for details and prices. Discounts on multiple dives. Insurance extra.

Disabled Facilites? Unfortunately not.

Top tips? Book a double morning dive. It's a spectacular half-day experience.

Room for Improvement? They were actually faultless. But if ‘m pushed, maybe a coffee machine in the locker room, guys?!

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