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Sankeys celebrates acid house with huge ticket giveaway

Sankeys gives away 200 tickets per event for the 30th anniversary of acid house.

If you need an excuse to party, you're in luck. This 2017 summer marks thirty years since acid house changed the party ways of generations to come. To celebrate the music revolution, Sankeys Ibiza is rewarding clubbers with a massive ticket giveaway.

We have come a long way since that second summer of love in 1987 when Johnny Walker, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Paul Oakenfold came to Ibiza to celebrate Oakenfold's 24th birthday. After their collective epiphany at Amnesia, they carried their experience back to the UK changing the music scene forever.

More than simply a new music style, acid house created one of the hugest youth revolutions since the original summer of love in the 60s. The movement it sparked lives on to this this day.

Sankeys Ibiza celebrates clubbers as the makers of the movement and wants to reward them by giving away a whopping 200 tickets per event across all 126 events planned throughout this summer.

Here is your chance to celebrate the original spirit of dance culture. All of the remarkable parties at Sankeys this summer are included in the giveaway: Abode, Dance 88/89, Do Not Sleep, Rebels Cave, The Redlight, Sankeys Sabados and Unusual Suspects.

Simply purchase between 25 April at 9:00 and 23:59 on 1 May and your ticket will be free*. That's double-reason for celebration. Get on it while you have the chance.

* A €4 booking fee applies. Entry before 1:00 am.

** Anyone who has already bought tickets will receive drink tokens on entry to the value of the tickets purchased.

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