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A sneak preview inside Hï Ibiza (former Space)

Here is the first glimpse of the newest super-club in Playa d'en Bossa.

The veil has finally been lifted. After months teasing the imagination of everyone on the island and beyond, Hï Ibiza (the superclub formerly known as Space) gives us a sneak peek into its new look. Come along for the ride if you dare.

One month away from the opening, the energy is off the charts at the Ushuaïa Group. It's easy to see why. Massive transformation and updates are on the horizon with new levels of production and technology.

The changes are evident already from the entrance. The area in front of the superclub, which used to be a parking lot, is becoming a garden. Palm trees, plants and vegetation native to Ibiza turn it into a daytime space to walk around in until the night descends. Two big screens invite clubbers inside.

The main entrance remains where it used to be but now double-doors welcome you into the club. You will need them. Prepare to be surprised.

Yann Pissenem, CEO and Artistic Director

Room 1: Theatre (ex-Discoteca)

Straight ahead into the nightclub, what was formerly the Discoteca is now the Theatre. Named after ancient Roman amphitheatres, a construction that has worked for millennia, the impressive structure creates a phenomenal energy around the dancefloor.

This room is quite literally the blank canvas that we have been promised. The set-up changes every night creating games of lights with limitless combinations of kinetic lights and ever-changing screens hanging from the ceiling. A giant custom-made twist of LED lights runs the length of the room.

The stage and DJ booth at the far end of the Theatre will also change completely for every party. Seven entirely different set-ups, as well as original ones for the opening and closing, await us.

We hear that special lights and rails will create a proper electronic show for Martin Garrix on Mondays. On Tuesdays, the festival set up of Eric Prydz will take new life with the cutting-edge technology. In the Dark on Thursdays will change throughout the night with a play of lights that will end up feeling like a tunnel, if you can imagine that.

Lined with bars along the sides, the days of waiting for drinks are behind us. Getting a drink will be as easy as pie.

Around the room above the bars, VIP tables rise on round platforms suspended above the dancefloor. The amphitheatre concept allows the tables to face each other. Every spot in the room has a direct view of the DJ and production. All tables are perfectly positioned, depending on whether you prefer to be closer to the action or have more privacy.

Every day everything changes and presents a completely different show. While the focus of the Theatre will be on the production, the Club will go deeper underground.

Room 2: Club (ex-Terrace)

Next door, the room previously known as the Terrace has become the Club and can be accessed directly from the Theatre.

The Club is an inverse U with the DJ in the middle, surrounded by friends and the VIP area, as well as bars in every corner. Clubbers will be getting close to the action here as the booth is positioned lower than those behind him, creating a big connection between the crowd and DJ.

With a lower ceiling and a more compact feel, the focus is on the music here. The multidirectional sound systems custom-made in both the rooms make sure the experience is fully immersive.

The windows are still there to welcome daylight after we dance the night away in the most advanced club on the island. We can already imagine many of those mornings.

The remaining areas of the former Space have also transformed.

Yann Pissenem, CEO and Artistic Director

Other areas

Formerly known as the Sunset Terrace, the outside terrace (now called Magic Garden) returns to being an open air space. With lots of vegetation, including trees of life (think those from Avatar), waterfalls and views of the sea, stars in the sky and The Ushuaïa Complex, you will find plenty of bars here, too. No music makes it ideal to chill out, catch a breather or have a cigarette under the palm trees in between hitting the dancefloors.

Upstairs (the ex-Premiere Etage) has also returned to being open air. With the same lovely views as downstairs, this area also has nine tents for 15/20 people, each with a private restroom, fridge, safe and such amenities. These can be booked for a more intimate chill-out experience and are exclusive to the VIP.

Behind the DJ booth in the Club, the VIP entrance also grants private access to the Secret Garden. Formerly known as El Salon, this area is open air as well and has been transformed into a secret garden for the artists, industry people and friends to gather.

With trees everywhere, endless plants, giant teepees and trees of life, as well as more bars and bathrooms, this garden is a spot for those in the industry to get away from all the action.

Wherever you are, the focus is on creating the smoothest experience for everyone involved, as well as the massive productions for which Ushuaïa Entertainment is renowned.

While the parking lot in front of the superclub has been transformed, the lot next door will provide free parking for 800 cars. Cabs will now go around the property and line up at the opposite side so as to be available at all times.

To complete the metamorphosis, even the restrooms have been completely refashioned as well as having increased to avoid waiting times. To top it all off, the main one in the middle is unisex and has a giant screen instead of the ceiling, as well as more surprises in store.

Obviously a great deal of thought has gone into remodelling the club. We are really excited to go to the opening party next month. See you there!

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