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HEART opening heralds a hit season

A pulsating marina welcomed clubbers on the first night back at HEART.

Entering its third season, HEART Ibiza has added a new dimension to the clubbing experience. The opening of the 2017 season showed that it is a unique player in the game.

HEART is by no means your traditional discotheque. What makes it different is the concept behind it: food, live art and music rolled into one. The space is intimate, the service is excellent and the terrace, well, arguably the loveliest on the island. A unique experience, it is not a restaurant or a club. It is all these things together.

We arrived when the club was already in full swing. After two increasingly successful seasons, the opening of HEART showed that it has by now firmly carved out its place inthe nightlife of the island.

The club was full to capacity already by 2:00. Guy Laliberté, mastermind behind Cirque du Soleil and one of the creators of HEART, got the night started. One would think DJing were his primary career, judging from the set he pulled out on opening night. The booth was on the stage and surrounded by friends, as uplifting progressive house filled the room. The floor-to-ceiling screens around the dancefloor projected laser lights, and it was full-on from the get-go.

At around 2:00 the legend Sven Väth came on. With a touch of tribal and a sample of Put Your Hands Up, Papa Sven did indeed get all hands up in the air. The island brought it on hard, and the classy venue turned into an underground rave haunt. With 3D cubes rotating on the screened walls, he dished out tune after tune, including what promises to become a season favourite Patrice Bäumel's Glutes and later on with Adam Port's Ganesha Song. He absolutely rocked it, showing yet again why he remains one of the most popular techno DJs of all time.

Acid Pauli came on around 4:00 and just as hard. The Acid Sundays star rocked the venue with his orignal blend of techno, house and various music genres beyond dance music. The Berlin-based DJ has a penchant for transcending traditional styles. His set laid it out the entire way through. From melodic to hard core, it was bouncy and irresistible. Like riding a wave, we were all carried away into the new season. As he closed the place down, the crowd gave no signs of letting out.

What makes HEART different is the whole approach to full-on entertainment. From the visuals to the music, it stands in a category all its own. HEART is the kind of place you go to if you are looking for the same awesome music Ibiza is famous but a different ambiance. An adventure anyone on the island should go on at least once, HEART has quite the impressive range of parties this season. Judging from the opening, we are in for quite the treat.

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