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Hï Ibiza lays down the gauntlet

We dove right in as Ibiza's newest superclub opened its doors to 2017.


Like thousands of others on the island and around the world, I've eagerly watched the final stages of construction as Hï Ibiza got ready for 2017 season. A few weeks back we had a sneak preview of the inside, with some clues as to its layout, but other than that we were all prepared to be wowed by its transformation.

One of the biggest changes is the front entrance. What used to be a car park is now spacious, paved garden area with palm trees, vegetation native to Ibiza and two big screens inviting clubbers in for some nightlife temptation. Once you're up those steps and past security, you're instantly smacked with the slickness of this place. It feels fresh, as it should, and you are instantly intrigued to find out waht's behind those doors.

The Theatre (Room 1) is the first dance floor space laid out for you. Danish dynamo Kölsch was the one to be heard punishing the state-of-the-art sound system at 3:00. Undercatt's track Futura was one of the first to do its business, and having heard Dixon giving this deep cut some attention to beastly effect, I went right in for it – as did the rest of the crowd. He transitioned into Patrice Bäumel's melodic track Glutes, before giving us his own sonic spice with Goldfisch. All good stuff, and all vital ingredients for a good party.

From there, it was time to check out the nonsense going on in the Wild Corner (the unofficial Room 3) - a restroom fitted with a DJ booth – because who doesn't enjoy a good beat in the toilet? Under the glow of the kinetic ceiling, you had Melon Bomb digging in with Donna Summer's I Feel Love and Blondie's Heart Of Glass. Those are the kind of classics that are capable of getting almost everyone in the groove, and if you find yourselves restraining to partake, it's time for your bed. There were more wigs in there than a drag queen's dressing table, and do you know anyone who can resist slipping on a new hairdoo? Thought not.

Over in the Club (Room 2), formerly known as the Terrace, you're sucked right in. It's an intimate space with a low ceiling, awing lighting installations, and the DJ booth has been dropped to eye level. Ibiza favourite Joris Voorn tossed between deep house and techno, with Mees Salome's Equivalence and Hybrasil's Kepler, and let me tell you, the crowd were willing to ride those beats to the bone.

In the early hours of Monday morning, we also had the opportunity to see what Black Coffee stands to deliver with his Hï Ibiza residency. We simply cannot wait for this, and to see him glowing from the stage as the LED screens throbbed with luminosity confirmed that's he's ready to lead his 18-date occupation. He tore into his South African roots with Culoe De Song's Rambo, and gave it to us deep, with interesting sonic elements sneaking in, including the tinkling sounds of wind chimes. It was immersive, enticing and appealing to any clubber who is truly there to dance. Before bowing out, I caught Luciano as he dove on for a dice with the crowd. He came on strong with engulfing deep house material, before rolling in with a slice of sonic distortion, and for those who stayed on til noon, we'd bet it was utter dynamite.

Hï Ibiza is here, and it means business. As a new club it's invested in finding its audience, and with a mixed bag of residencies that engage with both the commercial and underground scenes, its audience should be vast. Music aside, you can really explore this place, and away from the raucous dance floors, you also have the Magic Garden ready to steal you for a few hours.

We're ready for it. Are you?


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