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Gallery: elrow launch new global HQ

The new global headquarters in Barcelona burst into life with all the dazzling creativity of elrow.

The award-winning immersive entertainment company elrow launched their new global headquarters last Friday, 17 November. Two years in the making, the place represents elrow in all its kaleidoscopic glory, not only in theory but also very much so in practice. The opening party took guests on a trip through the elrow universe.

The product of six generations in this line of work, elrow House brings the brand to life. Juan Arnaud Sr. was in charge of the project. He explained that the new space displays the themes of the elrow shows for clients who visit the house, such as promoters, sponsors, people in the industry, artists and music labels. The elrow House presents, practically without words, what elrow does and how well it does it, all the while making the 40 people who work there feel comfortable.

The open space house has few walls and large spacious areas. Every room of the three-storey building is themed around one of the elrow parties. Long-standing family friend the architect Marino Casas Rodriguez took the project and gave it the WOW factor, turning it into an "office of the entertainment or theatre world." For the launch, regular characters from the parties gave guests the tour of a lifetime.

With most elrow shows represented, elrow invited all guests to participate in and interact with everything going on. Have a look at how the launch went down on Rowgelia's Life Magic and Mystery tour.

Characters, stilt walkers, police officers and more welcomed guests in the car park theme of 'The Bronx', surrounded by the work of interesting graffiti artists. Passing through the 'Singer morning party' entrance bedecked with the colourful foam tubes given out at the parties and so loved by clubbers, guests were escorted inside in search of Rowgelia, drink in hand.

Inside guests found themselves in the 'Enchanted Forest' where a munchkin handed out magic mushrooms (actually USB stick keyrings). After he explained where they were, he directed guests over to Rowgelia's chicken coop to see the egg in which Rowgelia was born.

Leaving behind the fantasy world of elrow's 'Enchanted Forest', guests found workspaces inspired by the chicken coops from 'From Lost to the River', the actual Rowgelia's party.

Founder and marketing director Cruz Arnaud and CEO Juan Arnaud showing guests around the colourful space.

Upstairs more workspaces overlook the elrow House garden. Here guests were met by Rowgelia dressed in a faralae, the traditional flamenco dress. Inspired by the 'El Rowcio' and 'Feria de Abril', one of elrow's most emblematic events, the Marlène room brings to life the 'Far Rowest', the cheekiest part of the Far West. Also upstairs is 'The Bank', where Rowgelia kept her fortune, and finally 'Las Vegas', obviously the accounting room of the elrow house.

Downstairs, the 'Mafia Secret Room' and Mexican cantina of 'Long Live Mexico' ['Viva Mexico Cabrones'] awaited guests with more treats and shots while 'Bollywood', which is the Marketing and Online Marketing office of Cruz Arnaud, put on another show.

Finally, guests reached the final room 'Nomads', the multipurpose room in the central part of the house. Enveloped by a giant dragon hanging from the ceiling, it looks directly onto the patio and garden where the party was carrying on. Here, guests got to exchange the 'row-lars', earned upstairs in 'Las Vegas', for elrow merchandise. This room will actually be used by staff, collaborators and friends who visit to make things happen.

Guests sitting outside on the patio enjoying the view after emerging from the magical tour.

The final stop of the elrow House launch had guests settle in for the party, with Rowgelia herself as host, food by Javier de las Muelas, desserts by great pastry chef Cristian Escribà and cocktails by Dry Martini.

The whole event, of course, was soundtracked by elrow regular DJs Toni Varga, Mele, Bastian Bux B2B Andreas Campo, taking care of tunes as the party carried on into the night.


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