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Gallery: Dancing into Dreams debuts ahead of Ibiza residency

The new party by Storytellers Ibiza took over Tulum in Mexico earlier this month before taking on the White Isle this summer.

Following two winning parties WooMooN (DJ Award 2016) and Acid Sundays (DJ Award 2015), the creative team Storytellers are at it again with Dancing into Dreams.

After their first event at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum on 12 January 2018, we cannot but wait, albeit somewhat impatiently, for the new party to disembark on Ibiza this summer.

Dancing into Dreams tells the story of Maya, the world of illusion all around us or more broadly a dream inside a dream. From sunset to sunrise, the fantastical party takes you on a oneiric voyage that will remain ingrained into your memory forever.

Magical characters roam around the immersive adventure that explores new levels of partying to celebrate life. Simulating a dream, it calls on the power of imagination and freedom to evoke the world of childhood fantasies.

While we could not be in Tulum this time around to witness it, judging by our previous experiences with parties by the Storytellers and the pictures below, we seem to be in for something very special.

Full details of where and when have yet to be announced. In the meantime, grab a taste of what is coming our way with this photo gallery.

The dreamy Tulum, arguably one of Ibiza's winter sister locations, was the setting...

...surrounded by enchanted woods at the seaside.

Throngs of people gathered to experience the new wakeful dream...

... with fantastical creatures wandering around the waterside paradise.

Clowns, jugglers, gipsies, pirates, shamans, painters, sacred musicians, Fibonacci fire, self-customised art and organic food made clubbers part of the adventure...

... while the bewitching tunes of music storytellers DJs Damian Lazarus and some of his most talented friends, Art Department, Behrouz, Dance Spirit and Metrika took over the aural dimension.

With more than dancing going on...

... the recently full moon rose into the starlit sky.

All was magical on the night. It promises to be just as enchanting as Dancing into Dreams tours globally and takes on a residency on Ibiza this quickly approaching season. More soon.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Valya Karchevskaya

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