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Why you need to experience Do Not Sit at HEART Ibiza

We chat with the creators of Do Not Sit On The Furniture to discover how it reimagines the Ibiza scene.

If music that transports to another world is what you're into, read on. We sat down with Behrouz and Megan Nazari, the creators of Miami nightclub and music label Do Not Sit On The Furniture, to delve into what their new residency Do Not Sit at HEART brings to the Ibiza scene.

As anyone who has listened to a Behrouz set or been to one of his parties can tell you, the DJ, producer, selector and label owner can tell a story with sound, taking listeners along for a fantastical journey that remains etched inside well after the event.

Here's how it happens.

The story behind it

Over the course of his 30 years in the business, the globally renowned Behrouz has played at the ultimate electronic music events and venues worldwide, besides at his nightclub in Miami. Together with Megan, he curates the programme and the already distinguished label in the process.

Having grown up in Santa Cruz, he held two residencies for 16 years in San Francisco, before moving to Miami in 2006.

Not happy with the direction of the music scene over there, the two took matters into their own hands and did what any true music lovers would do: they opened nightclub Do Not Sit On The Furniture in 2012 to live out the famous adage "Be the change you want to see in the world."

The intimate nightclub steered away from the VIP culture of furniture in prime spots on the dance floor - thus the name. Instead, Do Not Sit pushes for a unifying and equalising party where the DJ can connect with the crowd.

In his words, "As DJs play big room after big room, they lose touch with the music and the crowd. With a capacity of 125 people, Do Not Sit in Miami was never a club out only to make money. This is not the music where the big bucks play."

Some of the greatest names, including Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Guy Gerber, Seth Troxler and Loco Dice all played there. They did so for the love of music and the power of a unifying dance floor with captivating music rather than for money, similarly to Fabric in London, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt or Panorama Bar in Berlin.

The result is a widely recognised concept that tours the globe bringing the sound of Do Not Sit On The Furniture to clubbers everywhere. Often tough times bring about something exceptional. A whole new style emerged from a desperate measure to redirect the course of the Miami scene and keep alive that original spirit behind electronic music and clubbing.

Behrouz and Megan are out to do more than spread the finest electronic music of myriad styles while reviving the underground. They want to make a difference.

Giving both emerging DJs and veterans a platform, they focus on a pool of good friends, good DJs and good people, living the ideals of Burning Man, where Behrouz has played for the last decade.

The newest part of this mission includes giving back to the island that has given him so much. Having played here on Ibiza since 1995, Behrouz has seen the evolution of the island while performing at every club, including DC10 and the late Space, on the White Isle. Now they want bring something different and add to the scene here, too.

To this end, the first release on the label was a tribute to Ibiza with a production by an Ibizan DJ. Back in the late '90s, the DJs playing on Ibiza were all locals. So the first release in June 2017 went to Valentin Huedo, an Ibizan, in an aptly named album Atlantis. Here's the eponymous track.

Behrouz's 16 years paying his dues as a resident DJ with two residencies in San Francisco taught him a great deal. Now he is here on Ibiza to give something back, spread the love and create a platform for young DJs.

Sporting a baseball cap reading "I'm not a DJ" on his way back from spinning at Cuzco Beach Club in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Behrouz showed up to tell us all about what Do Not Sit at HEART brings to the Ibiza nightlife scene.


The focus of Do Not Sit is obviously on the music. If you are a fan of those tunes that tell a story, taking you on a sonic journey that is both uplifting and inspiring, Do Not Sit at HEART is where you want to be.

One of the early pioneers, Behrouz brought down the tempo with deep house and melodic techno sets now broadly labelled desert or shamanic house. Initially, this style of music was considered too slow. Now it appears globally.

But the music of Do Not Sit actually crosses styles. Behrouz and Megan take care to select artists crossing myriad electronic music boundaries. What counts is that it is "beautiful sexy music with harmony, dreamy melodies and meditative grooves."

In his own words, "Do Not Sit is not prejudiced to any one style of music. It's not only one style - not only shamanic or Burning Man style. That's why the line-up is so diverse. Nu-disco, old and new guys, Berliners - all mixed together because music has no boundaries. Good music is good music, and not just one style"

In general, the sound harks back to Balearic music but with an international twist. The one true requirement is that it touch the soul while telling a story and that the DJs and producers "have their heart in the right place, are good people and leave their egos at the door."

This way, each DJ builds the room for the next performance instead of stealing the show, thus contributing to the story-telling. It's all part of the respect they have for music.

As a resident DJ in San Fran, the head honcho regularly played nine-hour sets: "When you play for six hours or more, you tell a story."

These long performances are what taught him how to spin a tale and take listeners on a journey through sound while captivating the imagination of clubbers wherever he goes.

Thirty years is a long time in the business, so he has continued to evolve, something that continues to rejuvenate him, too.

Much of the style of Behrouz and Do Not Sit draw inspiration from Burning Man, where he has played on the Robot Heart bus for the past ten years: there it is "a cinematic experience, a proper story from beginning to end."

He does so by setting tunes aside over the course of the whole year, collecting over 500 tracks in the process, then selects them for his set when he is there. Get ready to fly with his set from last year here:

His process of selection is similar at Do Not Sit at HEART, but Behrouz does not open the night. To tell the story properly, the night always starts with a ceremony at midnight and then again at 2:30, when he takes on the middle slot of the night to set up the room really nicely for the second guest DJ.

The programme includes an unreal variety of underground and niche artists. His residency at HEART is a party where you can "get educated with music, a rejuvenating blend of new and old."

So far this summer, Do Not Sit at HEART has seen both the greats, such as Sasha, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Buttrich and Cassy, as well as underground stars such as Powel, Nico Stojan, Atish, Timujin and more.

At least three dates remain this month. As always, Do Not Sit brings a different sound to Ibiza week after week.

This Thursday 13 September sees a great combination of sounds come together for a "Burning Man Decompression Party." DJ and producer Matthias Meyer will be joining the head honcho. A proper melody master, the Watergate resident brings deep house at its finest. Also on the roster, the Italian Luca Bacchetti who has releases on many different labels adds to the magic.

Next week on Thursday 20 September, the guest DJ playing alongside Behrouz is techno giant Tim Green. With releases on Cocoon Recordings and other techno labels, he often plays for them in Miami. While his sound usually travels in harder techno, he will be bringing out his melodic side.

For the closing party on 27 September, the theme will be Burning Man. For those who have not experienced the event, this is your chance to get a taste of it and the freedom to dress up for it. Behrouz will be sharing the decks with Katar Blau resident Mira, the incredible producer and live act Be Svendsen and possibly a surprise guest.

An ENCHANTING artistic experience

Clubbers these days seek an experience on top of fine music. Do Not Sit at HEART transforms the space into a fantastical world of love and good vibes.

With dozens of dream catchers hanging around the entire club and their signature piece - a spaceship made out of 760 lamps - the place resembles the wondrous sights of dreams.

The artistic component of the brand emerged from one of Behrouz's residencies in San Fran, at DV8, where one of the floors was curated by Keith Herring - yes, that Keith Herring. The influence remained both at the Miami venue and now at HEART.

Arguably the artiest nightclub on the island, the Marina Botafoch makes the perfect home for Do Not Sit.

On Thursdays, the DJ booth is lowered to be on the level of the dance floor and reconnect the DJs with the crowd. Do Not Sit at HEART is one of two parties that has this set-up at HEART.

In line with the party, the label also focuses on artistic expression. Every release has a custom-made image inspired by the music, once again to combine artistic forms and spread their vision.

As Behrouz put it, "The vision is to spread the love all over the world, focus on little festivals, with art crossing artistic boundaries. HEART is the perfect place. It's a smaller room and has the intimacy we are looking for."

He continues, "Like with Burning Man, the concept never changed. Instead of selling out, the energy went into something beautiful."

Behrouz wants to pass that torch to other people and spread the love - a noble mission indeed.

A GENUINE inclusive VIBE

One of the most remarkable elements of Do Not Sit is the vibe. Parties in super-clubs sometimes lose the unity and equalising energy of the dance floor. Do Not Sit at HEART recovers that sense of belonging, welcoming and bringing together those who seek that original power of sharing a night on the dance floor.

The people and atmosphere reflect the intent of its creators. For Behrouz and Megan, "The point is to keep everything real. That's where inspiration comes from. Ego kills creativity. It's important to stay grounded in life and not let success go to your head, to move on in life with dignity and honesty."

Part of the mentality comes from now 14 years of Burning Man, which is very similar to the early spirit of the island and made him into "a better person, more grounded and caring about the earth by taking away money, status, credit cards. No one can change Burning Man; Burning Man will change you."

To live out this inclusive vibe, Behrouz also gives back to the artists who contribute to the label by taking each one on tour with them. He forms close friendships with the artists. It's not just about him but about the whole family.

For him, "The party brings good and cleanses. The goal is that people feel the love and the community." Do Not Sit at HEART transmits this feeling.

With at least three more dates to go, grab your chance to experience some of the finest music currently on the electronic music scene at one of the most creative and authentic parties on the island.

If you are already an electronic music connoisseur, you already know. If you are not, this is the way to become acquainted with some of the best that's out there.

See below for full details and tickets.

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