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Do Not Sit at HEART brings a dreamy closing line-up

Behrouz's magical party concept meets Burning Man for one last time this season.

Debut seasons on Ibiza aren't easy to get right, but Behrouz and his Do Not Sit at HEART cohort have nailed it at HEART Ibiza this summer. On Thursday 27 September, it all comes to an end - for this year at least - with a dreamy line-up.

Behrouz has taken a piece of Robot Heart via Miami with him to Ibiza for his first residency on the White Isle. His party combines a unique underground sound with an unprecedented atmosphere at one of the world's most sophisticated clubs. We will also be taking a piece of Ibiza's heart with us.

Having played in the desert with Burning Man for over a decade, Behrouz understands how to turn a party into a journey.

Joining him on this final expedition are some of the finest and unique selectors in deep house, melodic techno and everything in between.

The line-up

As always with Do Not Sit, the music comes first. Each week has enjoyed a fabulously fresh soundtrack taking the best from underground scenes across the world. Joining Behrouz for this final fiesta, three incredible acts will make sure you are sent off only after a stellar sonic journey.

For the closing party, NU will perform on Ibiza for the first and only time this season. His distinct sound is traversed by multiple sounds and genres, making it unique. Having lived in and toured all different parts of the planet, he has a nomadic side that shines forth in his sound and rhythm.

Danish hypnotist Be Svendsen will be bringing his otherworldly sound to HEART again after performing earlier in the summer. Travelling the line between the familiar and the obscure, he mingles melodic, euphoric and emotive elements into an inimitable hypnotic sound.

Often referred to as "Tarantino techno," the result is a cinematic experience, as is always the case with Behrouz and Do Not Sit. You'll be left in a state of bliss. Here's one of his Burning Man sets.

And finally, the exceedingly talented Mira will take to the decks to express an understated artistic flair that has helped whisper her name across dance floors all over Europe. Often referred to as the "queen of Berlin," she is a true master of deep house and resident of Kater Blau in Berlin.

The Concept

Taking inspiration from Burning Man and, of course, his own Do Not Sit On The Furniture club in Miami, Behrouz keeps the concept for this Ibiza party simple yet captivating.

Select some of the most respected artists in the scene and give them the freedom to exhibit their passion and understanding of music as long as they touch the soul. That's Do Not Sit On The Furniture, both at HEART and worldwide.

The production is striking and is an important catalyst for creating an intimate night that has built a loyal following throughout the summer and across the planet.

Get ready for a transformation that will leave the nomad inside you longing for more after Do Not Sit closes its debut season on the island.

Check below for full info and tickets Do Not Sit at HEART's final Ibiza party on Thursday 27 September. You will want to be there.

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