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5 epic things about the Amnesia opening

The first dance of 2019.

To say the Amnesia opening party 2019 went off with a bang would be an understatement. Just ask the hundreds of revellers who were still two-stepping at 7:00 when the music finished - they will say the same thing.

Sometimes it's hard to let the night come to an end. This Saturday was certainly one of those nights. Here's what made the night as epic as nights come.

The bursting venue

The club was brimming from the start. Before entering it was evident from the queue outside when I arrived. It showed how much in demand the night was.

As one of the biggest parties of the season, it was bound to be. But tonight, I welcomed the packed dance floor as I wanted to be in the thick of it.

The new Terrace sound system

Dipping between the Main Room and Terrace, we were spoilt for choice. One thing's for sure - I was happy to feel that bass back in my chest after craving a night like this all winter.

My hunger for throbbing bass and blasting volume was satisfied by the brand-new sound system in the Terrace. Custom made by audio expert George Krampera, the KV2 is a belter. The system upgrade gives a much more powerful sound than in recent years.

The sound is cleaner and crisper no matter where you stood on the dance floor. Now, you can feel every layer of the music – which, for me, is just how it should be.

Luciano and Hector b2b Mar-T were amongst the first lucky enough to test the system out and the clubbers in the early packed out Terrace were even luckier to experience it.

At 23:00 Luciano had taken to the decks for a solid four-hour set packed with plenty of tech house and techno beats including Mode Hookers' Breathe to demonstrate the true capabilities of the system.

matador's deeper vibes

By 2:00 Matador's set was also in full swing in the Club Room where he set the tone with his signature heavy style.

Burning flame visuals behind the booth stretched to the ceiling teaming with the striking red lasers that shot to the back of the room. The effect mirrored the dark and stormy mood of the dance floor.

In true Matador fashion, the deep techno provided a euphoric journey that was evidently loved by the crowd. As I immersed myself into the middle of the room, the dance floor was lifted by the progressive sounds of The Spirit by Butch ft. Hohberg.

Only the chilly blast of the CO2 cannons could bring you back down to earth. He maintained the mood with Matador's Apollo 11, which helped to thump our way through until 3:00.

By 4:00 Italian Drumcode master Enrico Sangiuliano had taken the reigns. He was very much following suit to complete the intense sounds that dominated the Club Room for much of the evening.

His own tune, Ghettoblaster, was an instant hit with the crowd

The Martinez Brothers' ease

Also taking the new sound system for whirl were The Martinez Brothers who proved their worth. As the club was still brimming, I glanced around and wondered why the lights were turned up. Then it dawned on me that we had indeed reached dawn, too.

As tired faces and bodies become clearer and clearer in the light flooding through the roof, any concept of time was long forgotten. This feeling was confirmed when The Martinez Brother's remix of SaintLaurentYSL by Lil Yatchy reignited the Terrace at 6:00.

The Martinez Brothers showed, once again, that they know how to make a room bounce no matter what the time is.

The spirit of Ibiza

The opening of one of the most well-known clubs in the world was never going to disappoint. Adam Beyer's first appearance at Amnesia this year was much like feeling back at home. His comfort and expertise in the booth proved we were in safe hands.

I stood in the middle of the Club Room as Beyer's intense sounds penetrated what was left of the night and looked at either side of me. On my right, a group of young British girls were dancing, arms high in the air. To my left, middle-aged Spanish men stood sipping beers eyes closed and deep in the zone.

It was strikingly obvious that while we were all enjoying the night in our own way, we were all there for the same reason. I couldn't help but feel like part of Ibiza's history last night.

The season has indeed arrived. It could not have started any better. Bring it on Ibiza 2019.

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