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The inimitable Bongo's Bingo returns to Ibiza

Wednesday afternoons at Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Eyes down, dabbers ready, LET'S PLAY BINGO! The practical jokers and drag enthusiasts behind Bongo's Bingo are back for another season of gross-out humour, public humiliation and retro prizes.

Once again taking over Wednesday afternoons at Ibiza Rocks, Bongo's Bingo calls first numbers on 20 May.

Weekly games take us up to 23 September. 19 weeks of unadulterated Bongo's mayhem.

You're familiar with the traditional game of bingo, right? Well, ignore everything you think you know because it probably won't serve you much use here. Expect rave intervals, throwback singalongs, cardboard cameos and sex toy giveaways.

If you're still none the wiser about what a game of Bongo's Bingo entails, then brush up on the antics by reading our handy guide.

What you should really take home is that nothing is off the cards. One of the most fun activities you can do in San Antonio - just don't make a false call. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Tickets for every Bongo's Bingo date are on sale now and available below.

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