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One More Tune | Vicky Devine

Ending on a high and sending the crowd home happy on Thursdays at Eden with One More Time Ibiza.

Tapping into the energy force commonly referred to as "nostalgia", One More Time Ibiza gets eight dates at Eden this summer.

Picture the scene if you will: you've just spent the last few hours smashing out classic tracks from the past 25 years. As the night draws to a close, only the diehards remain in the crowd - and they're like putty in your hands. The sound engineer gives you the signal indicating the end is nigh, so you slowly fade out of your current selection as the house lights come up.

The crowd are united and vocal in their demands: "one more tune", "one more tune", "one more tune". It's your obligation to send them home happy.

You're going to do it, of course, but not before playing with them a little. Hovering your finger over the deck, you pause for dramatic effect and add a split-second of doubt. Then you slam your finger down and the dancefloor goes nuts below you.

That's the premise here. We ask the headliners one simple but important question: what track are you choosing to close the night? Playing every date from May to June this summer, is weekly resident Vicky Devine.

One more tune | 007 | Vicky Devine

Armin van Buuren feat Susana | Shivers | Armada Music | 2005

"I bought it on vinyl in Megamusic in San Antonio in summer 2005, when it was released. I think I'd heard it at Judgement Sundays, where I was resident at the time. It literally gave me shivers. I used to play it every set in Play 2 in the West End - it was my go to closing track.

The lyrics and the melody are just perfect. It's a timeless Trance classic.

I play it as often as I can. It's still a go-to closer for me."

Thanks Vicky! What a way to start this summer's series.

Want to really get in the mood for One More Time Ibiza? Listen to our playlist below.

The picks from Vicky include tracks from BBE and Joy Kitikonti, as well as Shivers.

Head here to subscribe to the playlist or here to follow our profile.

Tickets for tonight's opening party with Seb Fontaine and Grahama Sahara, not forgetting Vicky herself, are on sale now. You can find yours at the bottom of this page.

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