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Ibiza Fiesta: San Antonio 2010

Can there be anywhere else in the world other than Ibiza where a Fiesta to celebrate a local Saint's day lasts 6 weeks

Can there be anywhere else in the world other than Ibiza where a Fiesta to celebrate a local Saint's day lasts 6 weeks and encompasses St.Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras as well?

So, put a big red line in your filofaxes from today, 8th January until 27th February and write San Antonio fiesta through it. As is customary, the big marquee where the Christmas and New year parties were held is the main focus of activities, so without further ado, here's the programme.

8 Jan 20.00 – BBQ, Dance spectacular and 80's fiesta with Ivan Domenech

9 Jan 21.00 – Flower Power VI, throughout the town

10 Jan 11.00 – Folk Festival at the Cine Regio

10 Jan 14.00 – Charity Lunch

14 Jan 20.30 – Country wine competition at Bar Can Tixedo at Buscastell

15 Jan 20.00 – Gymnastic exhibition, BBQ and International Cabaret Night

16 Jan 14.30 – Dog Agility Competition, Arenal Beach

16 Jan 21.30 – Guateque, Spanish music from the 60's and 70's

17 Jan 08.30 – Pyjamarama, help wake up the town!

17 Jan 09.30 – Dog Show, Arenal Beach

17 Jan 11.30 – Vintage Motorcycles, Fountains Square

vintage motorcycles on display in san antonio, ibiza

17 Jan 13.00 – Blessing of the Animals, Town Hall

17 Jan 14.30 – Dog agility competition, Arenal Beach

17 Jan 20.00 – Live concert by Manolo Escobar

22 Jan 21.00 – Hip Hop Fiesta with Nexus Crew

23 Jan 21.30 – La Movida, 80's and 90's shindig

24 Jan 10.00 – Duathlon XVII, Sa Talaia de San Antonio

24 Jan 11.00 – Rural San Antonio VI, BBQ, horsemanship, donkey races, at the agricultural cooperative

24 Jan 12.00 – Multicultural festival with music food and dancing

29 Jan 19.00 – Andalucian Night with Flamenco and dancing

30 Jan 12.00 – Valencian food tasting

30 Jan 21.00 – Retro Night III, local rockers from the 60's and 70's at Es Paradis

31 Jan 10.00 – Porkers' cycling. Fountains Square

6/7 Feb 10.00 – Outlet Fair IV

7 Feb 11.00 – Let's Go Fly a Kite XVII, Ses Variades

people flying kites in san antonio, ibiza

7 Feb 11.30 – Hike to Santa Ines

11 Feb 14.00 – Fancy Dress, games and BBQ, Cala Gracio

14 Feb 19.30 – St Valentine's Night with romantic music and dancing

16 Feb 17.00 – Mardi Gras Carnival Parade from Avenida Dr. Fleming

27 Feb 20.00 – Moonlight hike to Santa Ines for the almond blossom, from the Town hall

the full moon and almond blossom in santa ines, ibiza

Believe it or not, there's much more going on than in our cherry-picked programme, if you understand Spanish or Catalan, there's a full list on San Antonio Council's website.

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