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Photo Review: Music On, 26th July 2013

The Friday night behemoth of a party comes courtesy of the Neverdogs, Joseph Capriati, Stacey Pullen and Marco Carola.

Over the course of last season the Friday night slot was owned by Marco Carola's new party - Music On. This theme continued into the current season with roadblocks becoming a common occurance outside Amnesia from midnight onwards.

Things really get going as the night turns into morning, the sun starts to force its way through the windows of the Terrace roof, and suddenly everyone who remains in the club to see Carola take things all the way till the end - in this case 9am - is wearing sunglasses, dancing like a fool and enjoying the freedom of a few feet of room around your booty. Cash back.

Check out what we saw last Friday, as we review Music On in photos.

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